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10 Best Super Bowl Recipes | Traeger Wood Fired Grills

by Traeger Grills on

Traeger's Top 10 Super Bowl Recipes of 2016

The hardwood-smoked flavor will surely lure your friends and family over to your house for the Super Bowl festivities, so fire up your grills. Whether you’re a Denver Broncos fan, a Carolina Panthers fan, a football fanatic, or simply watch the game for the epic commercials, it’s not a party without fan-tastic food. We’ve put together our Top 10 Super Bowl Recipes to help you celebrate Super Bowl 50 in delicious, wood-fired style. So forget bundling up to tailgate at Super Bowl 2016, and fire up your Traegers, homegating is where the memories will be made this year.

Here are the Top 10 Super Bowl Foods to Traeger this Super Bowl Sunday.

10. Roasted Garlic & Clam Pizza

This year, the Super Bowl takes place in Frisco at Levi’s Stadium, so we threw together a San Francisco inspired pizza for your party pleasure. Forget dining on seafood at a restaurant with a Maître D,’ this wood-fired clam pizza is packed with protein, layered with hardwood-smoked deliciousness, and fired right in your own backyard.

Garlic & Glam Traeger Pizza

9. Bacon Chili Cheese Dogs

Put some bark behind your Super Bowl recipes with a hefty scoop of bacon-loaded chili atop a beefy hot dog. These wieners are loaded with heat and will keep the fans fired up until the very last touchdown.

Traeger Bacon Chili Cheese Dogs

8. Fire Roasted Bruschetta

Grab a loaf of San Francisco sourdough bread in honor of Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco. Then dish a heaping helping of roasted tomatoes and herbs on top and give it a toast on the Traeger. Bruschetta is a refreshing appetizer that everyone will snag.

Traeger Fire Roasted Bruschetta

7. Bacon Onion Rings

Pick up a super huge bag of sweet white onions and give them a good bacon wrap before grilling, grilled bacon-wrapped onion rings will satisfy savory and spicy game day cravings.

Traeger Bacon Onion Rings

6. 5 Spice Beef Short Ribs

Smoke up these Asian style ribs low & slow to create a rich flavor with sizzling undertones. Roll out the paper towels, because these flavorful ribs are worth getting messy over.

Traeger Beef Short Ribs

5. Bacon Wrapped Chicken Wings

This Super Bowl 2016 snack is worth scrumming over, Traeger bacon wrapped wings will bring the wood-fired flavor to your Super Bowl party food. These wings will fly off the plate quicker than a Cam Newton quarterback sneak.

Traeger Bacon Wrapped Chicken Wings

4. Game Day Cheese Dip

This Super Bowl appetizer is a creamy comfort food that will be gone before half time. Dishing out a smoked, bacon cheese dip with layers of smoky flavor will definitely make Super Bowl Sunday food super memorable.

Traeger Cheese Dip

3. Spicy Shrimp Skewers

Our shrimp skewers have an irresistible sweet heat, so throw a few more shrimp kabobs on the barbie-Q, this Super Bowl game could go into overtime.

Traeger Spicy Shrimp Skewers

2. Fried Pickles with Buttermilk Dip

These pickles will have your Super Bowl 50 crowd huddled around the table instead of the tv. The creamy buttermilk dip compliments the fried pickles for a zestful kick in the taste buds.

Traeger Fried Pickles

1. Traeger Bacon Poppers

As the homegating quarterback, hand off these bacon wrapped appetizers to your resident running backs to guarantee a super foodfest. This smoked jalapeño popper recipe tastes amazing dipped in sweet, homemade chutney.

Traeger Bacon Poppers

Caution: An overload of Traegered snacks will put football fans into a flavor coma.