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Cooking With Kids: Cast Iron Lasagna

by Traeger Grills on

How to Create Cast Iron Lasagna

When you cook lasagna on your Traeger, you add another layer of deliciousness. The all-natural hardwood smoke encircles every inch with rich flavor. Cooking lasagna in a cast iron pan allows it cook evenly and the cheese toasts to perfection. Here’s a Tip from the Pro for creating wood-fired lasagna by our favorite culinary king, Chef Marco Niccoli. Cast Iron Lasagna is a great recipe to get kids interested in cooking and helping with kitchen duty. As all the ingredients are pre-cooked and there aren’t any knives involved, creating lasagna is a safe activity for any age. Here are 3 ways to cook lasagna as a family.

1. Give each child their own skillet to layer the ingredients individually and in their own order.

2. Cook lasagna in small, individual cast iron skillets and serve them up as an individual plated dinner or personalized appetizers for game night.

3. For families with a wide range of ages, give each child a specific sous chef duty. Have one cook the noodles, one brown the meat, one grate the cheese, one layer the lasagna in the skillet, and one on timer duty.

So grab the kids and spend some quality time with them creating a culinary masterpiece. Traeger melds flavors together perfectly.

Cast Iron Lasagna

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