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Grill Accessories Traeger Compatibility Guide

by Traeger Grills on

Gear Up Your Grill with our Accessory Guide

We’ve compiled all the accessories and gear that fit each specific Traeger grill; each pellet grill model has different accessories to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Check it out and determine which bells and whistles will make smoking and grilling even simpler.

To round out Gear Up Your Grill month, we’ve specified all the Traeger add-ons that fit each specific Traeger model. So enhance your trusty meat delivery system with gear and accessories that will protect, add more real estate, and make grilling every day even easier. Find the compatibility guide for your Traeger model below.

The Pro Series Grill Accessories - 

Though your grill’s cooking arena may be expansive, a folding front shelf creates a landing pad for utensils and your cold beverage. The bottom shelf adds a storage area for pellets, patio supplies, or your grill cover. A full-length grill cover will protect your grill from all the elements.

Pro 34 Accessories Pro 22 Accessories Pro Select Accessories

The Travel & Portable Grill Accessories - 

This grill is perfectly portable, so grab a power inverter, your trusty Traeger, and a hefty slab of meat and head off the beaten path or to the stadium for some raucous tailgating.

Tailgater Accessories Tailgater Accessories

The HOA Approved Patio Grill Accessories - 

Park your Bronson on your apartment patio and enjoy delicious wood-fired food every night of the week. This grill is designed for urban living, so cook out and eat in wherever you reside.

Tailgater Accessories

The Elite Series Grill Accessories - 

Swap out your temperature controller for the ultimate in precision cooking. Amp up your trusty Traeger’s temperature control system by swapping out the controller with the new, 2016 Digital Pro Controller.  It will fine tune your grilling and smoking time and hone in all your cooking sessions with precision grilling.

Tailgater Accessories Tailgater Accessories Tailgater Accessories

The Texas Grill Accessories - 

Get the best temperature control in the industry with the new, 2016 Digital Pro Controller . It’s simple to swap out your current temperature controller and you’ll get the ultimate control with Advanced Grilling Logic and internal temperature readings 60 seconds with dual meat probes.

Tailgater Accessories Tailgater Accessories

The Grill Grate Accessories - 

Get the perfect sear and even heat distribution with cast iron. Add a cast iron grill grate right on top of your existing grill grate to enrich your grilling experience.

Tailgater Accessories Tailgater Accessories Tailgater Accessories

Get all the accessories you need to deck out your grill here

For instant gratification, pick up accessories and gear at your local dealer. Find yours here.