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Meat Church’s Matt Pittman Brisket & Chicken Tips

by Traeger Grills on

Matt Pittman of Meat Church Preaching the BBQ Gospel at Traeger HQ

Matt Pittman, "the best hair in barbecue", is one killer Pitmaster. In addition to his countless competition trophies, he’s gained a legion of hungry followers on social media. Matt has also created an empire: Meat Church BBQ. Meat Church is widely known for their popular line of standout bbq rubs. There’s more to his business than rubs, though — they offer authentic Central Texas barbecue catering and consistently sold-out shop classes, where the masses craving BBQ knowledge can glean from Matt’s BBQ philosophy. 

MeatChurch BBQ


We invited this giant in the BBQ realm to come out to Traeger HQ. While he was here, Matt spent time with Chad Ward throwing down BBQ and whiskey. We kept him busy with 2 Facebook live events, focusing on brisket and chicken, and a sold-out Traeger Shop Class. Matt also took over our TraegerBBQ Instagram account, kept us drooling over brisket and ribs, and threw in a BBQ selfie for our entertainment. 

Matt Pittman and Chad Ward discussed the king of beef, brisket, during the first Facebook Live. They covered brisket composition, trimming tips, what internal temperature they cook their briskets to, where they stand on fat cap up vs. down and foil vs. butcher paper. Watch the full video below to learn what two BBQ pros think about brisket.

MeatChurch BBQ
MeatChurch BBQ


The duo’s second Facebook Live focused on chicken halves. Matt showcased how to trim a whole chicken, including removing the backbone, or spatchcocking the bird. Additionally, he showed how he seasons under and over the skin, and how important razor sharp knives are to make quick work of trimming chicken. Watch the full video below and become a poultry pro. 


Check out our shop class page for more BBQ education and to see our new tour dates for 2017. We’re teaching the world BBQ, one city at a time. 

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MeatChurch BBQ


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