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Moab WInter Camping

by Traeger Grills on

Moab Utah has the ultimate red rock views and adventure around every corner. It draws thrill seekers from all over the world and showcases 2 National Parks in one location. Canyonlands and Arches National Parks are where beauty abounds, and this landscape of arches and red dirt cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Situated in central eastern Utah, this is a destination worth exploring.

Adventure seekers come here year-round to ride the rocks on mountain bikes and in Jeep’s. You can scale a mountain, hang from the cliffs, skydive, hike, and explore until your heart’s content. The region also offers river rafting, canyoneering, great photography, and fishing. Life in Moab is epic and every minute spent in the great outdoors of Utah is memorable.

Grant Cieslak and friends let their wanderlust take them off the grid tent camping in Utah for Thanksgiving this year as they braved the red rocks on their mountain biking excursion. Of course, they took their Traeger Lil’ Tex Elite grill with them as they camped in the desert. Why sacrifice delicious food when you’re away from home?

Grant’s Lil’ Tex Elite grill doesn’t have legs. He’s added a Traeger Tailgater Kit to make his grill portable. With the tailgater kit, it’s easy to transform your patio grill into a portable meat machine so you can take it with you. Pop it in the back of the car (as Grant did) or the bed of a truck and take it anywhere.

Grant brined the turkey, used his power inverter from his car battery to fire up the Traeger, slathered the gobbler in bacon (why not, it’s so flavorful), and smoked that bird in true pioneering style. That’s some true Boy Scouting right there! As the turkey smoked away, the guys spread out and took to the trails. Their ride circled around the beautiful Utah Red Rocks and back into a sweet downhill ride that led right back into camp.

You don’t need an outlet to eat like a king when you’re off the beaten path. We have a Traeger High-Efficiency Power Inverter that connects to your car battery to power your Traeger grill, spotlights, a space heater for winter camping, or any hunting gear that has a plug.

If you take your trailblazing seriously off the map, you could invest in a solar powered inverter, they start at about $60, but most are over $100. If you value flavor but are less of a natural camper, a battery-powered inverter would work with a stock of batteries.  These are usually under $50 and to up in price for the wattage capacity you’re looking to support.

To feed a hungry and tuckered-out sporty crowd while on an expedition while camping in the wild, a Tailgater conversion kit and an inverter make cooking simple. You can fire up all the delicious food you’re used to at home while traveling to the beach, the lake, the mountains, or even when igloo camping overnight. The Junior Folding Leg Kit will make a Traeger Junior Elite grill perfectly portability.

The Junior grill doesn’t have a digital thermostat, upgrade the controller to a PTG Digital Thermostat and never worry about what temperature your food is cooking on. The PTG thermostat retrofits into any grill and has an easy to read LED digital temperature read-out. Firing up epic meals while on the go just got easier.

When off road adventure calls, bring a four-wheel drive vehicle and see the open Utah countryside in Moab. You may need a few extra hands to keep your ride on all 4 wheels around some of the canyon corners and trails. Whether you’re spearheading the next big excursion, boondocking, or taking your kids out for their first overnighter, don’t forget to grab your trusty portable Traeger grill. Grant’s Traeger didn’t disappoint, that turkey was just as flavorful and smoke roasted delicious as if he had cooked it in his own backyard. Grilling outdoors is simple with a portable Traeger grill, live a flavorful life on and off the grid. To check out more of Grant’s excursions, check him out on Instagram @grcieslak