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Procrastinators Christmas Guide | Traeger Wood Fired Grills

by Traeger Grills on

We’ve got simple yet delicious Traeger gift giving ideas to make you the holiday hero.

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If your Christmas tradition is that all the men in the family spend Christmas Eve shopping all day and wrapping all evening, you're a procrastinator. Do you lack ideas for killer gifts for the ones you love most when it's the day before Christmas? We've assembled this guide to last minute gift giving that will ensure you're not left empty-handed on Christmas morning.

Last year you showed up Christmas morning with a gift for everyone, precision wrapped, and it even had a bow. If those unisex 12-pack of athletic socks hit the floor like a lead balloon, here are 5 ideas to improve any procrastinator’s gifts this year.

1. A coupon book for free hugs, anytime, anywhere. You’re on call and Mom will love it (How sweet).

2. One personal foot massage. Wow, you are super kind, Uncle Bill NEEDS one with giant clippers (It could get stinky up in here).

3. An IOU for gutting and cleaning their next 10 fish. You may get a free fishing trip out of this one (Ulterior motives).

4. A punch card to the local coffee bar that includes 9 punches. Hey, the 10th one’s free, and your sis is a coffee-a-holic (Giftee may see through this one).

5. 5 mornings of shoveling the snow-laden driveway. Thoughtful for Grannie or Dad (Do you really like to wake up that early, can you pull this gift off?). 


If you think the above Christmas gift ideas stink, grab any of the ideas below, and no one will be the wiser that you‘re a Christmas shopping procrastinator.

traeger gift card

1. A Traeger Gift Card - It’s an instant gift that leads to a flavorful lifestyle and lots of time outdoors firing up delicious food--that you can partake of! 

To present this gift: Simply print out the gift card email confirmation, fold it nicely, wrap it in a tiny box, and place it under the tree. People love opening tiny boxes with a big prize inside.

2. A Traeger eBook - Again, It’s an instant gift that is emailed to you, pass it along and reap the delicious rewards when your giftee creates Traegerlicious food. 

To present this gift: Just forward the email to the recipient and change the subject line to read: “Do not open until Christmas.” Then print out your confirmation page, and wrap it in a box, inside a box, inside a box, inside a box, then add a big bow or tangle of twine and place it under the tree. 

3. A Traeger Grill (or $300 worth of hardwood fuel, tools, accessories, or swag) - There is still 1 day left to order, we’ll overnight you a free, big, red, pellet-filled Traeger stocking to present to your recipient on Christmas morning. Get free shipping on orders over $100, AND though your order may not arrive in time for the big day your stocking will, and their Traeger order will arrive shortly thereafter. You will be the biggest hero with a double gift, one on Christmas day and one when the new grill arrives.

To present this gift: Simply hang your rocking Traeger stocking on the mantle and sign the epic card that reads, “Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle, your epic Traeger gift is on the way. The Traeger elves are busy perfecting your present, so drink more eggnog, a special wood-fired delivery will arrive shortly.”

4. Delicious Traeger gear that you can pick up at your local dealer -  Find an authorized dealer with our dealer locator and make your way over to kick the tires on a new grill, a front folding shelf, grilling utensils, sauces and rubs, or a fresh flavor of pellets. Again, you will have something to present in-hand for the biggest gift-giving day of the year.

To present your gift: Wrap it with a string, ribbon, or holiday paper and set the boxed gear under the tree.

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How about giving a quality gift that keeps on giving, with Traeger, all your giftee’s visions of brisket, fire-roasted chicken, and BBQ ribs that are dancing in their head will become a reality. Whether you’re snowed in, detest large crowds, or just a shopping procrastinator, simply grab your Traeger gift card or eBook for instant delivery, or purchase over $300 and we’ll send you an epic Traeger stocking. Any way you shop Traeger online, you can hide your propensity for procrastination, and we’ll save your Christmas bacon.

Grab gifts now, just 1 day left to get a Traeger stocking, and 4 days left until Christmas! Merry Christmas to all and to all… Happy Shopping.