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Propane Tank Dips Workout | Traeger Wood Fired Grills

by Traeger Grills on

Dust that old tank off and use it for a quick tricep workout, build those tri’s as your trusty Traeger grills up tasty and healthy eats.

Triceps are often a forgotten muscle, but building these arm muscles will balance huge biceps and make the gun show even more defined. We’ve got a simple tricep exercise that you can perform a few rounds of after tossing a quick chicken dinner or turkey burgers on the grill. This quick arm workout uses any old propane tank, picnic table bench, or log that you have lying around in the backyard, so take your gun workout outdoors and get buff while the Traeger does the cooking in your wood-fired outdoor kitchen.

Health Benefits:

Triceps are part of the largest muscle group on the arms, this triceps exercise will burn up to 300 calories by dipping while barbecuing your healthy weeknight dinner. No one likes the back of their arms to look flabby, so here’s the Traeger way to get your tricep dips on in your outdoor home gym.

The Traeger Propane Tank Dips Work Out:

First fire up the Traeger and grab a healthy protein such as lean ground beef for meatballs over spaghetti squash, or boneless, skinless chicken breasts showered in Traeger Kansas City BBQ Rub.

Second, grab a rusty, old and neglected propane tank (if you have one lying around) and put it to good use.

Next, reach for a leftover wood plank (2” by 4”), and get ready to dip. If you’ve kicked that nasty gas habit and don't have a propane gas tank handy, you can use a log, outdoor bench, or a short cement or brick wall.

How To Do a Tricep Dip:

Step 1: Sit on the edge of the 2 x 4 board with your hands beside your hips with the heel of your palm on the front edge of the board, fingers pointed forward. Extend legs straight out in front of your sitting position, resting your heels on the ground. Keep your feet close together.

Step 2: Edge your gluteus maximus off the front edge of the board and support your weight with the palms of your hands and inhale.

Step 3: Keep elbows close to the sides of your body and lower your butt toward the ground and keep your torso upright. Stop when your elbows reach a 90-degree angle pointed back behind your body. Hold the lowered position for a second or two, exhale, then straighten your arms to raise your torso using your triceps muscles, and press through the heels of your hands.

It won’t be easy on the first few times you perform the exercise, but you’re in your backyard--there’s no shame in huffing and puffing for a few rounds. For a beginner triceps workout, perform 3 sets of 7-10 reps for strength training, then rest for one minute between sets. Add these Propane Tank Dips to your weekly Traegering routine and feel the burn. After a few weeks, up your tricep routine to 4 sets of 10 reps, this will help gain more definition per Traeger cookout.

The Skinny:

If you’re Traeger recipe is taking over a half an hour to grill, use the propane tank and plank for pushups. Or, if you have 2 logs or benches, a quick push up exercise will work your shoulders, core, and chest.

Pushups are a basic exercise to enhance your workout. For a more difficult pushup exercise to work your chest and back into definition, use one log.

There’s no reason to sit and watch the Traeger do all the hard work—a quick workout will increase flexibility and endurance for everyday activities such as lifting your wife’s groceries from the trunk, or doing overhead electrical work such as hanging your gal’s new chandelier over the table. Arms, core, and back exercises are key to a healthy and mobile body. Once you’ve done your tricep bodybuilding exercises for a few weeks, it’s ok to invest in a spray tan to highlight your newly defined guns.

So, fuel your fire for delicious food and fitness by Traegering weekly if not daily. Share your progress pics and workout with us using #MyTraeger. Getting your healthy, protein packed meal onto the Traeger grill will allow the hardwood smoke to barbecue it to flavorful perfection.

Stay tuned for our last Sweat and Smoke exercise routine that is coming up! If you missed our chopping wood tutorial, our beer curls, or our hardwood squats make sure you catch up.  Once you combine all 5 Traeger exercises, you’ll be on your way to a full-body workout that only takes just a few minutes each day. Get fit with a quick exercise routine, it’ll get you pumped to feast on delicious Traegered food. 

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