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Take Your Grill on a Hike | Traeger Wood Fired Grills

by Traeger Grills on

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a flavorful meal that’s hot off the Traeger, wherever adventure takes you.

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity” - John Muir

Whether you’re surrounded by mountains, desert, or skyscrapers the great outdoors can provide a great platform for exercise that will build strength and muscle. Stretching your legs and the smell of fresh air invigorates the body and mind creating clarity, refreshment, and energy to the soul. 

If you’ve got a truck, toss your Traeger grill in the bed and take it with you. If you have a Traeger Junior Elite, Tailgater grill, or PTG + —you’re ready to rock out in the wild. All 3 of these grills are portable or have portable legs to make them camping and travel-friendly. Take your grill on a hike and your Traeger will reward you with smoky, wood-fired deliciousness upon your return.

Health Benefits:

Depending on the difficulty of the hike you embark upon, hiking burns 300-600 calories an hour. Hiking works the glutes, as well as leg and back muscles, if you add large rocks to your hike, bouldering works the shoulders and arms. Working out in the solitude of the mountains or open air also decreases stress, and you can’t beat the scenery.

The “Take you Grill on a Hike” Work Out:

First, grab your Traeger Inverter so that you can power your grill off the beaten path, then pack a healthy protein, vegetables, and Traeger seasoning  to give your meal an extra kick of flavor. Load your wood-fired pellet grill into the vehicle, and head for wide-open spaces.

Step 1:

Once you’ve reached your hiking location, unload your grill onto a stable rock, table, or the ground, plug it into the inverter, then connect the inverter into your car battery. You’re ready to fuel your workout fire with a deliciously Traegered dinner. Load up the grill with your chicken breasts, steak, burgers, apple brats, or slab of meat. Set your grill to cook low and slow.

Step 2:

Explore nature, stride through the woods, up the trail, or over rocks. Relax your mind and focus on stretching your legs. Take in the beautiful views and ponder your wood-fired food that’s awaiting your return.

Step 3:

Return to your basecamp, serve up your healthy Traeger meal and enjoy the spoils of your Traeger doing all the hard work. This featured grill is a Tailgater with the Folding Leg Kit.

Always Be Prepared

Hiking is a sport that requires a few pieces of equipment. Here are the top 10 hiking items you’ll need for your hike:

1. Wool socks will help prevent sweaty feet and keep blisters at bay.

2. Hiking shoes that will give support to your ankles. Basically they need to be a stiffer shoe than a performance shoe like running shoes.

3. Sunglasses to protect your eyes and help manage the shadows of the terrain.

4. Water bottles will keep you hydrated and are good to have on hand in case the hike takes longer than you planned.

6. A GPS will help you calculate direction, note where you start so that you can GPS how to get back to camp.

7. A map is beneficial for planning a hiking route so that you can manage your time and not be at the mountaintop just as it gets dark.

8. Light is key to hiking, grab a small LED flashlight with new batteries to help if you get caught on the trail after dusk.

9. A whistle, it sounds silly but it could help search and rescue find you should you lose your hiking way.

10. Make sure to take a Leatherman or knife for opening things, or to help with car issues or injuries. 

These hiking basics will assist in making your hike a true adventure and help ensure you return to your dinner in one healthy piece.

Fuel your fitness with delicious wood-fired food by Traegering weekly if not on the daily.  High protein food tastes superior when cooked on a Traeger grill vs. the oven. Invite family and friends to share in the flavor that you know is delicious, memories are made around a table full of Traegered food.

Learn how to chop wood, how to do beer curls, and how to do pellet squats for a complete body work out. 

Here are a few healthy Traeger grilling recipes:

Grilled Fajita Skewers are a simple way to get all your meat and veggies in one simple bite.

Smoked Chicken, use this healthy chicken recipe for pheasant, ditch chicken, or small poultry.

Roasted Vegetables are delicious when pickled, this recipe tastes zesty and wood-fired delicious.

Barbecued Chili Lime Grilled Corn Corn is smoke-roasted delicious, especially with chili and lime spices.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Sweat while you Smoke series. Combine all 5 workouts to incorporate an exciting, active, and healthy lifestyle. Traeger cooks healthy food that simply tastes delicious, the hardwood smoke adds layers of flavor to any favorite recipe. Enjoy Traegering daily, cooking outdoors keeps the family happy and the kitchen clean.