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How to Brine a Turkey

by Traeger Grills on

Brining is the key to moist and delicious turkey.

For a moist, tender, and flavorful Thanksgiving turkey, brine the turkey for up to 24 hours before smoking and cooking it. If you can’t brine overnight, it’s still worth a quick soak, or inject it with brine. Here are the 3 main brining ingredients and their effects on your poultry.


Soaking turkey in a brine bath adds moisture to the bird. When it smokes and cooks, it won’t dry out. Just keep an eye in the internal temperature of the turkey. Poultry can gain up to 10% of its original weight in water. When you cut into Tom the turkey, he will be juicy.


Turkey absorbs salt well. The salt helps tenderize and flavor the poultry by loosening muscle fibers to make room for moisture to be retained. The longer it brines, the saltier it will be.

Herbs and Spices

Flavor poultry with a simple seasoning combination. Brining is a flavor bath and the turkey will retain every herb and spice you put into the brine. As brine is done with cold water and refrigerated, the longer it brines, the more flavorful it will be.

Turkey Brine Infographic

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