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How to Prep & Brine a Turkey

by Traeger Grills on

Brining a turkey will keep that bird tender, moist, and flavorful - We think brining is a must.

Brining your wild turkey before you grill, BBQ, roast, or smoke it will maintain it's tenderness and retain moisture to create a succulent and savory meal. 

How to Brine a Turkey:

> In a large bowl, fill it half full with hot water. Combine your brine with the hot water by whisking with water to melt the flavors together. Let it rest and meld together while you inspect the bird.

Clean up the turkey by removing any quills, stray feathers, excess skin, and loose fat from the neck or back end of the turkey. Wipe it down well to remove anything else.

Cool the hot brine by adding ice cubes to the bowl. The brine needs to be room temperature or cooler before placing the turkey in the water, this will prevent pre-cooking the exterior of the turkey. You want the brine to seep into the whole bird to infuse flavor and tenderize it.

Place the turkey in a large pot and pour the brine over the turkey. Add cold water to completely cover and submerge the turkey. Refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours before smoking or cooking the turkey. The longer the brine, the better the bird.

We used the Traeger Brine Kit in the video, which has a delicious mixture of citrus, herbs, salt, pepper, and sugar (stay tuned, the kit will be available soon).

Top 5 Brining Tips from the Pros:

1. How long to brine a turkey: A simple rule-of-thumb would be one hour per pound.

2. A 3-ingredient brine is a simple and effective flavoring.

3. If you buy a packaged turkey or poultry, use less salt in the brine.

4. If you have a mega turkey and it won’t fit in your fridge, surround the brining pot with ice and cool it in an ice cooler.

5. Brining makes poultry moist, so always brine when cooking for Thanksgiving dinner or for a crowd

How to Brine a Turkey

How to Brine a Turkey