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Big Game Meat Pellet Blend

by Traeger Grills on

Cooking your big game trophies outdoors on a grill is simple with Traeger.

Big Game Meats Pellet Blend

When cooking outdoors, the perfect blend and quality of hardwood is paramount to creating mouth-watering and flavorful food. In this Tip from the Pros, Chef Marco shows the perfect hardwood pellet blend to enhance and flavor any big game meat with.

Chef Marco shows which hardwood pellet fuel creates the perfect natural blend of flavorful smoke to enhance your big game and wild game proteins. So check out this new and delicious pellet flavor and share your love of big game meats with your family and friends.

We’ve collaborated up with Realtree to create a custom, all-natural hardwood pellet fuel that will compliment an outdoor enthusiast’s lifestyle. The Big Game Blend is the perfect blend to flavor and infuse your hard-earned big game trophies.

This pellet bag is 13 pounds larger than our regular hardwood pellets. It has a re-sealable zip top and a durable bag to maintain the freshness of the pellets. We made it bigger so that you’ll have enough to slow smoke any big game meal. You should be able to smoke for up to 30 hours on one bag of Big Game Pellets and grill or BBQ for over 10 hours.  We are most excited about what’s inside the bag—these hardwood pellets are a blend of four distinct elements that elevate the flavors of any big game protein. They have a hickory base, flavorful white and red Oak, and rich rosemary.

The flavorful, robust hardwood smoke will hit your taste buds straight in the cross-hairs.

We consulted with many culinary experts to create a combination that will accent the natural and primal flavor of big game meat such as bison, boar, rattlesnake, deer, wild turkey, bear, and elk. Anything you’ve hunted or caught will pair great with these four flavors. The oak and rosemary flavors also complement game and farm raised meats such as beef, poultry, and pork to create tender and naturally flavorful dishes that your entire family will enjoy.

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Big Game Meats Pellet Blend

Big Game Meats Pellet Blend