Enjoy the robust power of the Bronson grill in the heart of the city or the suburbs. You don’t need a backyard--the Bronson is HOA-approved, has no open flame, and a simple on/off switch. So nestle it on your patio or balcony, then grill out and dine-in every night.

The Brawny New Bronson

New Chassis, New look, Better Stability

Cook anything and everything right on your urban patio. The Bronson is 2” taller than the Junior, has a 10 lb. hopper, a rock-solid chassis, and a Digital Elite Controller for precise temperature control. Keep your kitchen cool and take all your meal prep straight to your wood-fired oven. Be prepared—it’s an urban jungle out there.


Explore the Bronson 20

1. HEIGHT - 38 in” | Compact in size | 2” taller than the Junior.

2. HOPPER - Smoke longer with a 10 lb. pellet hopper.

3. SAWHORSE CHASSIS - Wide-angled stance & thicker legs.

4. DIGITAL ELITE CONTROLLER - LED display shows exact temperature.

5. ALL-TERRAIN WHEELS - Better mobility & durability.

6. GRILLING SPACE - 300 sq in. grilling area.

  • Taste

    The Traeger Difference

    Smoke is the secret ingredient to rich and memorable food, and a Traeger will turn any favorite recipe into a culinary masterpiece. Traeger flavor just tastes better than charcoal or gas grilling.

  • Versatility

    6-in-1 Cooking

    Anything you can dream up, you can cook on a Traeger. Traeger cooks with wood‑fired convection power, which gives Traeger enthusiasts 6 different cooking methods to engage.

  • Ease

    No Need to Babysit

    Whether you cook hot and fast or low and slow, Traeger makes cooking easy. No need to spend hours tending to the grill, Traeger allows you get to get back to the important things—like spending time with your family.

  • Consistency

    Predictable Results

    Once you begin smoking, baking, and grilling you will feel the power of how simple it is to create delicious food that’s cooked to perfection, every single time. Mastering your Traeger takes mere minutes.

  • Community

    Bringing People

    Take your Traeger anywhere you go, on or off the grid. Firing up meals in the great outdoors, or in your outdoor kitchen is the delicious Traeger lifestyle. So gather friends and family, Traegering is a year round sport.



The Bronson 20 has additional accessories that will add more real estate to your prep area and protect your grill from all the elements.

Add-on Accessories:

There's plenty of accessories available to make your Bronson all yours. Easily customize your cook with any of these available accessories.