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Don't Miss This Deal!

For a limited time, when you buy a Traeger Wood Pellet Variety Pack including Alder, Apple, Cherry, Maple, and Pecan, you'll get a 6 pack of our new rub flavors including Asian BBQ, Chipotle, Jamaican Jerk, Kansas City BBQ, Rib Rub, and Thai Red Curry absolutely free!

That's 5 bags of 100% natural hardwood pellets for $94.95 + 6 free spices, that's a savings of $71.94!

5 Pellet variety pack
  • Alder BBQ Pellets
  • Apple BBQ Pellets
  • Cherry BBQ Pellets
  • Maple BBQ Pellets
  • Pecan BBQ Pellets
6 pack of new spices
  • Asian BBQ
  • Chipotle Rub
  • Jamaican Jerk
  • Kansas City BBQ Rub
  • Rib Rub
  • Thai Red Curry