• All American BBQ Spare Ribs

    As if ribs weren't manly enough, adding a heaping helping of spices will thrill your eaters. Fire these up for your next neighborhood gathering. Read more

  • Amazing Salmon

    Amazing Salmon is an easy 2-step process, and the results are amazing. Simply mop it with Italian dressing, shake Traeger Saskatchewan spices all over it, and bake. Read more

  • Anytime Pork Roast

    In under 2 hours, you can Traeger the most tender, fall-apart Pork Roast. So throw your Traeger in the pick-up and cook delicious food anywhere adventure takes you. Read more

  • Apple Cinnamon Bread

    This Traeger-baked cinnamon coffee cake is loaded with apples and grills up super moist. It's piled with sweet sugars and spice for a deliciously smokin' treat. When your family gets a whiff of this it's game over, better make extra because it will be gone in no time. Read more

  • Apple Juice Brined Pulled Pork

    We pulled out all the stops on this sweet, Pulled Pork recipe. Your tacos and sandwiches will have all your friends feasting down to the last finger-licking shred. Read more

  • Apple & Mustard-Glazed Pork Loin Roast

    Ask your butcher to "french" the bones (clean them of meat and gristle) and remove the chine bone for easier carving. A bone-in pork loin roast can be fall-off-the-bone tender when brined and roasted with sweet brown sugar and apple cider. Read more

  • Apple Pear Crisp

    This barbecued dessert takes French Apple Pie to the upper crust. Smoked apples and pears caramelize for superior flavor, pile it high with buttery crumble for a perfect finale. Read more

  • Pork Crown Roast Apple Pecan Stuffing

    To really impress your guests, fill the center of the pork roast with smoked apple stuffing. Read more