Flat Bread Pizza Three Ways

Recipe of the Week Friday, March 27, 2015

Flat Bread Pizza Three Ways

Anyone who has baked a pizza at home knows that it comes at a price. The oven heats up your home in the colder months and makes it unbearably hot in the warmer months. Homemade Summer pizza takes a great deal of sacrifice—but not with a Traeger. Cooking wood-fired pizza outdoors will never wreak havoc on your thermostat, and you get the added benefit of robust, hardwood smoke flavoring your pizzas to crispy, bubbly deliciousness. These Flat Bread Pizza recipes give you variety (aka, the spice of life), and they’re quick and easy to prepare. So fire up your barbecue grill, not your house, feed the hungry masses, and satisfy your pizza craving any time of year—Traeger style.

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