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A new culinary journey awaits with our cold smoker. It’s ideal for delicate fish like lox style salmon, cheeses, hard boiled eggs, bacon, and to flavor steaks that will get a hard sear later—essentially anything that needs a lower temperature. With a cold smoker, the world is your smoked oyster.

        • Includes two removable porcelain-coated grill grates
        • Adjustable warming vent can be opened and shut for a warmer or cooler smoke
        • Fits Lil'Tex/Elite and Texas Grills


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Transition from Weenie-Roaster to Master Chef with the Cold Smoker. It's a sidecar smoker made specifically for imparting your favorite ingredients with hardwood smoke flavor. Keep the temp extra low and the smoke rolling to elevate fish, cheeses, and of course, bacon, to a 10 on the flavor scale.

Product Features

  • Adjust the Heat

    With an adjustable vent, keep your cold smoker as cool or warm as needed to give each food the right treatment.

  • Sidecar Mount

    Put every last wisp of smoke to work with a custom sidecar that easily hooks in place.

  • Dual Grates

    This cold-smokin' sidecar comes with two removable, porcelain-coated grill grates--it's flexible like that.



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Q. can you cook at say 225 on the regular grill and still cold smoke at the same time?
Tigard Oregon
A. Yes, it is possible. However, since the Cold Smoker attaches to the main grill, the smoke stack is moved to the outside of the Cold Smoker; it is still one connected unit. You can cool the Cold Smoker down by putting ice in a tray, or opening the vents, but the 225 degree temperature of the grill will still have an effect on the temperature of the cold smoker.
Answered on Nov 11, 2015
Q. Will the cold smoker fit all Traeger grills?
A. The cold smoker works with all Lil' Tex models and Texas models.
Answered on Nov 06, 2015
Q. When you add the cold smoker where does the grease bucket hang
Billings Montana
A. The cold smoker attachment goes above the grease bucket, so the bucket remains in the same spot. You will remove the smoke stack on the side of your grill and attach it on the side of the cold smoker. There are pictures on our website that illustrate what it looks like with the cold smoker attached to a Traeger grill
Answered on Nov 04, 2015