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Insulation Blanket - Junior



Insulation Blanket - Junior
0.00Insulation Blanket - Junior

Traegers don't need to hibernate until spring, these are all-year-round. When the weather dips below freezing, throw on a Thermal Insulation Blanket and smoke on. It’s heat resistant and acts as a buffer between the elements and your grill, which reduces the amount of fuel needed to compensate for extremely cold outdoor temperatures.

        • Insulates your grill to maintain more consistent temperatures
        • Eliminates burning through extra pellets in extremely cold weather

Fits Junior models

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Prepare your Traeger for all-weather grilling, even in the harsh winter months. Keep your grill bundled up during the cold to preserve hardwood fuel from burning too quickly. An insulation blanket goes a long way, eliminating "grill season" in favor of grilling all year-round.

Product Features

  • Custom Fit

    Simply slide the cover over the top of the grill and secure with straps to shield it from the elements.

  • Cold Weather Ready

    We designel our Insulation Blankets to accompany your smoker in weather below 35°F.

  • Traeger Logo

    Let everyone know that you're smoking in the winter with our classic Traeger logo right in plain sight.


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Q. Is the Traeger blanket only meant to be used for smoking, or can I cook on my grill with the blanket when outside temperatures are below freezing?
Kennewick, Washington
A. You can definitely cook on your grill with the blanket on, as long as the exterior temperature is below freezing. Traeger on!
Answered on Jan 04, 2016
Q. What is the maximum recommended temperature, in Fahrenheit, the insulation blanket should be used in?
Raleigh, North Carolina
A. We recommend only using the blanket when temperatures are lower than 32 degrees F.
Answered on Nov 24, 2015

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