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Extra Grill Rack - Lil' Tex



Extra Grill Rack - Lil\' Tex
0.00Extra Grill Rack - Lil\' Tex

Neighborhood cook-outs are a great way to hang out with your family and friends all at once. Extra grill space means more guests on the guest list; this Extra Grill Rack adds 154 sq. in. of cooking space, making your cooking surface a massive 572 sq. in. Grilling more meat all at once is not only efficient, it helps you get back to enjoying your guests faster.

        • Extra rack easily holds up to: 8 Burgers | 12 Hot Dogs
        • 22" X 7" grilling area for a total of 154 sq. in. of extra grilling space

Fits all Lil' Tex and 22 Series model grills

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When you add another level to your Lil' Tex, you also add the ability to handle more meal at once, which equals less time at the grill and more time getting social.

Product Features

  • Custom Fit

    We designed our Extra Grill Rack to slide easily into place, so you can quickly add or subtract a shelf.

  • Durable Construction

    We manufacture our grill grates using cold, hard steel, and coat it in porcelain to protect it from harsh grilling conditions.

  • Grill Stronger

    Porcelain-coated steel provides better insulation, lasts longer, and is simple to maintain.


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Q. Does this fit the Renegade Elite TFB38TCA? Was mine supposed to come with it?
Buena Park, California
A. Thank you for your question. This shelf will not fit the Renegade Elite model. The extra shelf for the Renegade can be purchased separately through our customer service department at 1-800-Traeger. It does not come standard with the grill.
Answered on Jul 01, 2016
Answered on Jul 01, 2016
Q. Will the extra grill rack lil' tex fit the renegade grill
Falling Waters, West Virginia
A. No, however, the Renegade grill actually comes with an extra grill rack.
Answered on Mar 22, 2016
Answered on Mar 22, 2016
Q. Is there any options for an extra grill rack for the tailgater?
A. There is currently not an additional grill rack for the Tailgater.
Answered on Feb 08, 2016
Answered on Feb 08, 2016
Q. Does the rack change the vertical clearance of the grill for grilling items like two beer can chickens and being able to get them far enough back to close the lid?
Rochester, Michigan
A. Yes, you will be able to cook beer can chickens with the extra grill rack inside. The extra grill rack does not extend all the way forward, giving you amble room to grill large items.
Answered on Nov 09, 2015
Answered on Nov 09, 2015

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