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Extra Grill Rack - Lil' Tex



Extra Grill Rack - Lil\' Tex
0.00Extra Grill Rack - Lil\' Tex

Neighborhood cook-outs are a great way to hang out with your family and friends all at once. Extra grill space means more guests on the guest list; this Extra Grill Rack adds 154 sq. in. of cooking space, making your cooking surface a massive 572 sq. in. Grilling more meat all at once is not only efficient, it helps you get back to enjoying your guests faster.

  • Extra rack easily holds up to: 8 Burgers | 12 Hot Dogs
  • 22" X 7" grilling area for a total of 154 sq. in. of extra grilling space

Fits all Lil' Tex and 22 Series model grills

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When you add another level to your Lil' Tex, you also add the ability to handle more meal at once, which equals less time at the grill and more time getting social.

Product Features

  • Custom Fit

    We designed our Extra Grill Rack to slide easily into place, so you can quickly add or subtract a shelf.

  • Durable Construction

    We manufacture our grill grates using cold, hard steel, and coat it in porcelain to protect it from harsh grilling conditions.

  • Grill Stronger

    Porcelain-coated steel provides better insulation, lasts longer, and is simple to maintain.


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Q. will this fit the tailgater?
Santa Maria, California
A. This will not fit the Tailgater model. This will only fit the 22 series and Lil Tex Grills. At this time we do not make an extra grill rack which will fit the Tailgater.
Answered on Apr 13, 2017
Answered on Apr 13, 2017
Q. Is this Extra Grill Rack compatible with the Renegade?
Amelia , Ohio
A. This is not compatible with the Renegade Elite. The extra grill rack for the Renegade is included in the Traeger TV Accessory Bundle which can be added to the cart during check out when purchasing the grill. If you have any further questions regarding this item please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service at 1-800-TRAEGER
Answered on Feb 15, 2017
Answered on Feb 15, 2017
Q. I have a junior elite 20 and I love it but I could use a little extra grill space. Is there a 20" extra rack in the works?
South Orange, New Jersey
A. Due to the size of the barrel, we do not have an extra grill rack for the Jr Elite 20.
Answered on Jan 06, 2017
Answered on Jan 06, 2017

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