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Grill Hopper Magnetic Wooden Hooks - 3 Piece



Grill Hopper Magnetic Wooden Hooks - 3 Piece
0.00Grill Hopper Magnetic Wooden Hooks - 3 Piece

These magnetic hooks keep your grilling tools close at hand, lined up in single file. With an uncluttered prep station and your arsenal hanging at the ready, you’ll be able to flip, mop, or tong at a moment’s notice. They conveniently attach to the side of your grill for fast access to the tools that make or break a successful smoke session and gives your grill a face lift with a Rosewood finish.

  • Hang spatulas, tongs, and basting brushes
  • Magnetic Surface
  • Easily attach, move, and remove
  • Rosewood Finish and Weather resistant

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Keep grilling tools close by with versatile magnetic rosewood finish hooks. Hang your tools up for convenience and get back to Traegering faster.

Product Features

  • Durable Construction

    Manufactured with a rosewood finish for a premium look, these handy hooks are weather resistant and will continue to shine through snow, rain, and sunshine. 

  • Grill Smarter

    Keep your arsenal of grill tools lined up and ready for action, right on the grill, with these versatile and handsome hooks. 

  • Simple Installation

    Magnetized hooks attach directly to your hopper, making them easy to move as your BBQ heart sees fit.


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