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Meat Temperature Probe



Meat Temperature Probe
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Take the guesswork out of cooking your meat just right with the Traeger Digital Meat Temperature Probe. Make it a true medium rare, or perfectly pink, cooking every rib-eye to order. Say goodbye to overcooked steaks or undercooked chicken. Checking the temp of your choice of cuts is not only safe, it’s delicious.

        • Preset food settings for all types of meat
        • 20-hour count down/up timer
        • Probe with over 3 feet of heat resistant wire

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Cook every type of meat to perfection with our digital meat temperature probe. It even has an pre-done alarm for when your meat hits that sweet spot and an overcooked alarm that lets you know to remove your meal pronto.

Product Features

  • Easy to Read

    With a digital display, there's no wiggle room that you have when reading a dial.

  • Grill Smarter

    Stop guessing about the doneness of your steaks. Know the precise temp every time.

  • Grill Safer

    Make sure your meat reaches the safe minimum internal temperature recommended for safe consumption.


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