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BBQ Food Tray



BBQ Food Tray
0.00BBQ Food Tray

Whether you’re prepping, resting, or serving, the Traeger BBQ Tray will be your go-to platter. It has easy-to-grip handles and raised sides so you won’t drip any juice while you’re on the move.

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Pile on the brisket, pulled pork, and all the sides hot off the Traeger for your waiting guests. Our signature orange color platter will keep their eyes on the BBQ prize.

Product Features

  • Construction

    Made with food-safe polypropylene, this tray can handle piping hot meats. The upturned edges ensure you don't loose any precious meat juice when transporting from grill to table.  

  • Traeger Logo

    Let your guests know they're eating food made on the Traeger with our bright white logo on the handsome orange faux wood-grain tray. 

  • Easy Clean-Up

    Dishwasher safe, this tray can easily be washed between uses for raw meat and the finished platter of wood-fired goodness. 



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