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Bucket Liner - 5 Pack



Bucket Liner - 5 Pack
0.00Bucket Liner - 5 Pack

Get a grip on your drip bucket maintenance with our aluminum liners. Just drop one in before grilling and replace once it’s full.

  • 5 pack Aluminum liners
  • Easy Clean up
  • Fits 20 Series, 22 Series, and 34 Series buckets
  • Never buy a new bucket again


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Your Traeger clean-up routine just got easier with these disposable bucket liners, made to fit your Traeger bucket. They can be replaced as needed so your bucket always stays shiny.

Product Features

  • Compatibility

    Catch excess grease with easy clean-up by inserting into any of our Traeger buckets. 

  • Durable Construction

    Our aluminum liners fit inside our galvanized steel bucket, withstanding any amount of heat from the grill. 

  • Functionality

    Easily insert and remove liners as needed.


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