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Flexible Skewer Set



Flexible Skewer Set
0.00Flexible Skewer Set

Streamline your prep process and make the most of your grilling space with our Flexible Skewer Set. These stainless steel wire skewers are easy to load and flexible enough to fit in a bag or bowl of your favorite marinade before hitting the Traeger

  • 2-piece skewer set, perfect for kabobs and skewers
  • Flexible, stainless steel construction


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Traeger grills take the labor-intensive element out achieving delicious wood-fired taste. Just set it and forget it, and let the Traeger do the rest.

Product Features

  • Ease of Use

    Flexible wire makes sliding on ingredients simple and allows you marinate in a bowl or bag. They also transfer well on and off the Traeger when it's grilling time. 

  • Durable Construction

    Manufactured with flexible, stainless steel for strength and longevity. Handy loops allow you to easily hang up the set of skewers on your grill or nearby.

  • Easy Clean-Up

    Two words: Dishwaser safe. Throw the skewer set in the dishwasher for fast clean-up. 


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