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BBQ Sauce Mop



BBQ Sauce Mop
0.00BBQ Sauce Mop

A high quality basting sauce mop is key to getting a saucy sheen. Deliver flavor to your food, without disturbing the crust, with the delicate touch of our Traeger Sauce Mop.

  • 100% Cotton Tassle
  • Rosewood Handle
  • Hand Wash


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Dishwasher safe and made with a durable rosewood handle, slather on the perfect BBQ sauce thick without disturbing the bark or crust.

Product Features

  • Ease of Use

    When it's time to sauce, easily mop your meat and keep your hands clean and safe from the hot grill. Throw it in the dishwasher when you're done. 

  • Sleek Design

    Our handsome rosewood handle, cotton mop, and leather loop set this BBQ accessory apart.

  • Functionality

    Get perfect sauce application and enjoy using the leather loop to hang on your grill when not in use.


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