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Pig Tail BBQ Flipper



Pig Tail BBQ Flipper
0.00Pig Tail BBQ Flipper

Say hello to your newest grilling essential. Our BBQ Pig Tail allows you to flip, move, and carry everything from pork chops to a meaty rack of ribs without marking up your meat or losing juice

  • Durable, Stainless Steel Construction
  • Hand Wash
  • Turns, flips, and carries food with ease



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Our new BBQ Pig Tails allows you to turn, flip, and carry everything from steaks to a pork shoulder. Flip your food without marking up your meat.

Product Features

  • Durable Construction

    Manufactured with stainless steel and a rosewood handle, you'll be turning meat with this bad boy for years to come.

  • Grill Safely:

    Keep your distance from the heat when flipping over steaks, brisket, or burgers with our 18" handle.

  • Traeger Logo

    Stamped with our classic logo on the premium rosewood handle, everyone will know you're part of the Traeger family.


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