Folding Front Shelf for Junior

The folding front shelf makes a great sidekick for Junior grills. While your Traeger smokes meats to juicy perfection, the front grill shelf acts as your prep station for slicing veggies to top your burgers, keeps your oven mitts at the ready, even holds your drink for easy access, and folds down when you’re done.

• Conveniently folds down after grilling for storage.
• Designed for maximum convenience and versatility.
• Compatible with the Traeger grill cover, no need to remove shelf during storage.
• Fits All Junior Model Grills. *Does not fit Tailgater grills
• Made of Steel
• H: 4.5”, W: 10”, L: 23.25”, Weight 7 lbs.

*Orders ship within the continental U.S. only.