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Grill Cover - Texas



Grill Cover - Texas
4.23Grill Cover - Texas

Protect your Texas grill with a custom, All-Weather Grill Cover. Through rain, sleet, snow, and dark of night, the heavy-duty material keeps your Texas grill safe, dry, and in pristine condition. Rest easy knowing that your Traeger is tucked away with the maximum protection possible in all weather, all year-round.

  • Water resistant
  • Heavy-duty, All-Weather material
  • Form fitted for your Texas Grill
  • L: 48" W: 22" H: 24"

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Sized to fit the Texas grill like a glove, this water resistant, windproof, sunproof, and snowproof cover is built to protect your new wood-fired obsession.

Product Features

  • Durable Construction

    We use water resistant, heavy-duty material to construct our covers for year-round grill protection that lasts.

  • Custom Fit

    Simply slide the cover over the top of the grill to shield it from the elements.

  • All-Weather Ready

    Through rain, snow, sleet, and dark of night, you can rest easy knowing your Traeger is covered.

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Q. Does this fit all Texas models... I ordered the Texas Pro...
Central coast, California
A. Yes, this cover fits both the Texas Elite model and the Texas Pro model.
Answered on Nov 17, 2015
Answered on Nov 17, 2015
Q. I'm finding that the cover is blowing off of the grill except that it holds on to the flue. I'm thinking of using a bungee cord to hold it on. What size bungee cord do you suggest?
Denver, Colorado
A. Your local hardware store should sell a bundle of different bungee cord sizes. We have found that works best, to find the one that works best with the method of tying knots and wind gusts.
Answered on Nov 05, 2015
Answered on Nov 05, 2015

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