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Traeger XL



Traeger XL
5.01Traeger XL

The Traeger XL has 836 square inches of grilling area and a 42.5 pound hopper, so this big boy provides hours of consistent, wood-fired cooking at its best. This Traeger grill has a Digital Pro Controller to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cook, with Dual Meat Probes for easy monitoring of the internal meat temp without having to open the lid. More grill means you can cook a whole meal at once, or even a whole hog, with huge, hardwood flavor.

        • 836 sq. in. (44" x 19") grilling area
        • Digital Pro Controller with Dual Meat Probes
        • Grill Rack easily holds 40 burgers | 12 chickens | 16 rib racks

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The powerful Traeger XL is a power house for Pit Bosses, Tastemakers, and Hostmasters alike. Cook up so much barbecue you'll have to call in the cavalry.

The Process

  • Convection Process

    An induction fan circulates rich, hardwood smoke throughout the cook chamber for even heat and epic flavor distribution.

  • Hopper

    Load the hopper to the brim with 100% Hardwood for hours of smoking and grilling without reloading.

  • Auger

    It fuels the fire, moving Hardwood from Hopper to Fire Pot—briskly for hot and fast, or gradually for low and slow cooking.

  • Firepot

    A hot rod at the bottom of the Fire Pot ignites the Hardwood, keeping the fire going so you can relax and drink a cold one.

  • Energy Economy

    Powered by a standard, household outlet, it uses 300 watts for the first four minutes and only 50 watts for the rest of the cook.

  • Shut Down Cycle

    This sweet setting keeps the induction fan running for 10 minutes to lift residual ash from the fire pot and shuts off automatically.


72,000 BTU's
836 sq. in. (44" x 19") Grilling Area


Height: 49 inches
Width: 52 inches
Depth: 34 inches
Weight: 232 lbs



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  • Wyoming
Xl 150
I own three of these bad boys. I love them. Can't think of one negative thing to say. I have catered for groups of 150 people with no problems.
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Q. Are you going to make any more of the XLs? They seem to have been out of stock for a little while. Also, how big of a hog can you cook on it? I love my small Traeger and been smoking on it for almost 7 years. But, I think I am ready to step into something bigger.
Huntsville, Alabama
A. Yes early August will have them back in stock!
Answered on Jul 27, 2016
Answered on Jul 27, 2016
Q. If I am cooking a small amount of meat on one side of the grill, can I leave the other hopper empty, knowing the auger and firebox will run without pellets ? Will it do any damage ?
Westminster, Colorado
A. Your grill will not heat accurately without pellets in both hoppers.
Answered on Mar 22, 2016
Answered on Mar 22, 2016
Q. With a Traeger XL can I put wood pellets in only one of the hoppers for indirect heat?
Portland, Oregon
A. You can put wood pellets in both of the large hoppers in the front.
Answered on Feb 01, 2016
Answered on Feb 01, 2016

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