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Pro Series 34 Grill - Blue



Pro Series 34
4.917Pro Series 34

The robust new Pro body style has a sawhorse chassis for linebacker-like stability. The brawny new side-lift bar gives even weight distribution and the solid all-terrain wheels ease while rolling your grill over pavers, rocks, and dirt. The new Digital Pro Controller rocks Advanced Grilling Logic, which maintains a +/- 15 degree F temperature control* to guarantee precision grilling. Create the original Traeger taste while taking your grilling skills Pro.

  • 884 sq. in. grilling area
  • Main Rack: 34" x 19", Extra Rack: 34" x 7"
  • Digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic and Dual Meat Probes
  • Pellet Hopper Clean-Out, change pellet flavors on the fly
  • Main Rack easily holds 24 burgers | 6 chickens | 32 hot dogs | 9 rib racks
  • Extra Rack easily holds 16 burgers | 24 hot dogs

*Average variance over an hour-long cook after the grill has achieved initial set temperature. Ambient air temperature 72 degrees F without wind.


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We’ve redefined the Pro grill with Advanced Grilling Logic, which ensures consistent temperature control with every cook. The enhanced Pro body style makes maneuvering your meat machine a cinch, and the strapping chassis has locking casters to keep your grill in place on every terrain. Showcase your epic BBQ creations with the help of a Pro grill.

The Process

  • Convection Process

    An induction fan circulates rich, hardwood smoke throughout the cook chamber for even heat and epic flavor distribution.

  • Hopper

    Load the hopper to the brim with 100% Hardwood for hours of smoking and grilling without reloading.

  • Auger

    It fuels the fire, moving Hardwood from Hopper to Fire Pot—briskly for hot and fast, or gradually for low and slow cooking.

  • Firepot

    A hot rod at the bottom of the Fire Pot ignites the Hardwood, keeping the fire going so you can relax and drink a cold one.

  • Energy Economy

    Powered by a standard, household outlet, it uses 300 watts for the first four minutes and only 50 watts for the rest of the cook.

  • Shut Down Cycle

    This sweet setting keeps the induction fan running for 10 minutes to lift residual ash from the fire pot and shuts off automatically.


36,000 BTUs
884 sq in grilling area


Height: 49 in
Width: 53 in
Depth: 27 in
Weight: 136 lbs

  • 4.9



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  • Tennessee
Gauge placement
The temperature gauge needs to located higher on the box. It's too low to read. You have to bend over or get on you knees to read it. Also it hard to read the settings without getting on your knees. Make it more user friendly by placing it up high where it can be seen easily.
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  • Kansas
The Life of a 11 Pound Pork Butt
The Pork Butt is ready. The Traeger Smoker is ready, set at 225 deg. I placed the 11 pound pork butt all dressed up and rubbed up in a aluminum pan took both built in digital probes and inserted one on each side of the butt (this is not necessary just wanted to see how consistent this smoker really is) covered the butt with aluminum foil placed it on the smoker shut the lid and walked away. 8 hours later both probes were reading 212 deg. internal temp of the butt. Based on the normal rule of thumb 1-1/2 hours per pound cooking/smoking time I calculated 16.5 hours to cook this Butt. After 8 hours "BAM" were making Food Coma History. Traeger Grill/Smokers are AMAZING. If you value your time get one of these Grill/Smokers you'll have time to spent with family and friends you never new existed before because you were to busy trying to keep your other grill/smoker consistent.
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  • Kansas
Wild Bill
Ok people here's the deal. All my life I've been a hard-core stick smoker. Last year I purchased the Traeger Renegade Elite. Cool beans, AWESOME GRILL cooked everything I could think of cooking on this grill, just put it on and walk away until it's done. Until the day it happened. The day my sweet girlfriend said "Hey can you cook beef jerky on that grill" I smoked 2lbs of sirloin tip cut into jerky strips and marinated in my own recipe (I now have four different marinates) she ate the end product and instantly went into a FOOD COMA. I took some to work and was asked by all co-workers that tried it until there was no more, so how much do you sell this jerky for? This is the best jerky they've ever tasted. I was taken back by the question, and said I'll let ya'll know tomorrow. In one week I sold 10 pounds of cured beef jerky. I told my son who works for a aircraft plant about the homemade beef jerky I was making. He now receives 30 pounds of Wild Bill's cured Beef Jerky a week from me every week to keep up with supply and demand. I sold my used Traeger grill to a friend, and the cost difference for upgrading from the Renegade to the Pro Series 34 was paid for in 3 weeks from jerky sales. I am able to smoke 9 pounds of jerky meat at a time on this grill using the smoke rack for a total of 1,244 sq in of cooking space. This is a awesome grill to own and a money maker if you work it right. Moral of this TRUE story is " Go BIG or GO HOME "
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  • 4.9



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Q. Will the Pro Series 34 I just ordered come with a grease catching pail or will I have to purchase that separately? Thanks for taking my question.
White Bear Lake, Minnesota
A. Yes it will. All of our grills ship with their very own grease bucket.
Answered on Apr 13, 2017
Answered on Apr 13, 2017
Q. I have an older Texas Traeger grill. Will the Pro Series Grill re-ignite the hot rod in case of a flame out (the temperature falls below a certain point)? If so, is the controller available for purchase?
North Richland Hills, Texas
A. Yes it will. When the the new controller is on the Smoke or 180 settings the hot rod will turn on if the grill temperature drifts below 130F and will turn off again after the grill temperature is above 130F. This controller is available for purchase. (Part Number BAC365).
Answered on Feb 14, 2017
Answered on Feb 14, 2017
Q. where does the ash from the pellets go ? does it have a container that you need to empty ?? also how often does the firebox and grill need to be cleaned?
lexington, South Carolina
A. The ash from the pellets will collect mostly in the firepot. Some will collect on the bottom of the barrel. We usually suggest you clean out the firepot/bottom of the barrel every 2-3 20 lb bags used. The best method to clean the is is using a shop vac.
Answered on Feb 13, 2017
Answered on Feb 13, 2017
Q. Do any models come with the hopper on the right hand side or are they all on the left?
Yarmouth, Maine
A. All of our grills except the commercial units, are built with the hopper on the left.
Answered on Feb 02, 2017
Answered on Feb 02, 2017
Q. how long do cook a T-Bone steak and at what temp.
shelbyville, Kentucky
A. I suggest cooking on high and pulling the steaks when they are 5 degrees below desired internal temp. Since this model includes built in meat probes just probe the steak and place it on the grill and remove it when it hits the desired temp. I have included the temps below. Rare- 130 to 140°F Medium Rare - 145°F Medium - 160°F Well Done - 170°F
Answered on Feb 02, 2017
Answered on Feb 02, 2017

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