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PTG Digital Thermostat Kit



PTG Digital Thermostat Kit
0.00PTG Digital Thermostat Kit

Turn your PTG into a PTG+ with digital control over your grill temp. With our super simple digital thermostat, easily control your grill temperature. It’s an upgrade from the multi-position control found on older models; the digital controller simplifies outdoor cooking. The orange LED Display gives an efficient temperature reading, and the Auto Shut-Down Cycle reduces the amount of residual ash left behind in your firebox and grill bottom.

      • Easy to Read LED Display shows the exact cooking temperature inside your grill
      • Straightforward, Fast Installation
      • Auto Shut-Down Cycle makes grill maintenance a snap

Compatible with PTG Grill only

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Read grill temperatures easily with a PTG Digital Thermostat Kit, it's well worth it to upgrade your 3-speed controller. Keep temps in check with a digital temperature controller and grill your meals to tender perfection, every time.

Product Features

  • Compatibility

    The PTG Digital Thermostat Kit is compatible with any of the Traeger grills and features an off and on switch which makes starting or stopping the fire a snap.

  • Simple Installation

    Upgrade your temperature gauge with a Digital Thermostat Kit. It’s quick and simple to install, and having a digital read-out is highly effective for grillin’ cue to your desired tenderness.

  • Functionality

    Take the wondering out of a run-of-the-mill meat probe with a Traeger Digital Thermostat Kit. It has a bright, LED display and will read the exact temperature that’s cooking inside your tank.


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Q. What is the difference between PTG digital thermostat and digital thermostat?
Portland , Oregon
A. The only difference is the RTD temperature sensor is 2" shorter, so it will fit inside the PTG.
Answered on Feb 08, 2016

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