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Ebook - Recipe of the Week: 2013



Ebook - Recipe of the Week: 2013
0.00Ebook - Recipe of the Week: 2013

Nothing in this world is sure but death, taxes, and our Recipe of the Week that publishes every Friday. This compilation showcases our 2013 ROTWs that will satisfy your eaters and bring friends and family to the table for distinctly flavorful food.

  • Over 50 Recipes
  • eBook format
  • Download as PDF after checkout

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Our well of recipe ideas can never run dry. Get all our weekly recipes from 2013 in one place, download it, and keep it handy to get over the repetitive meal planning hump.

Product Features

  • Recipe Style

    52 weeks in a year, we’ve got you covered. Grab your copy and get grilling, the flavors are anxiously awaiting their opportunity to sizzle your expectations.

  • Bang for your buck

    50 plus recipes will never leave you hangin’ for ideas of what to make when in a dinner slump.

  • Format

    This recipe book is only available in pdf format, download it at checkout and keep it handy on your electronic device.


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