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Beef Rub



Beef Rub
0.00Beef Rub

Beef up your BBQ routine with our Beef Rub. Featuring brown sugar and chili pepper, it pairs perfectly with our Sweet & Heat sauce.

  • Pair with Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce and Mesquite Hardwood Pellets
  • Brown Sugar and Red Pepper flavor profile
  • Gluten, Kosher, and GMO Free
  • Packaged in Aluminum Tins
  • Made in USA



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The complex flavor profiles of Traeger spices will enhance even the simplest of dishes and elevate your BBQ

Product Features

  • Taste

    Add brown sugar and red pepper flavor to your cow cut of choice.

  • Pairing

    Create pairing perfection by using with Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce and Mesquite Hardwood Pellets.

  • Application

    Sprinkle on or rub in to fuse the spices and create flavorful meals.


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