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Cajun Shake - 5.5 oz



Cajun Shake
0.00Cajun Shake

Inspired by the wildly flavorful cuisine of the Bayou, this Louisiana-Style shake has all the right herbs and spices, along with that traditional cayenne pepper kick. Its sassy spice gives your seafood, sausage, and chicken dishes a generous helping of the Cajun spices you crave, and gives every meal lagniappe.

  • Use on burgers, tenderloin, and brisket
  • Made in the USA
  • Gluten Free


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Packed with flavor that you usually only find down in Louisiana, Traeger Cajun shake is a recreation of that zest and it will help make delicious food Bayou.

Product Features

  • Taste

    This amiable spice mirrors the famous cuisine of Louisiana. Our shake livens up seafood, fish, and beef for a mardi gras in your mouth.

  • Pairing

    Cajun shake festively complements chicken and beef. It’s also great on vegetables, just add hardwood smoke and those veggies will fly down the hatch.

  • Application

    Sprinkle or rub our unique Shakes on food to fuse spices to create flavorful meals.


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Q. Can you 100% guarantee the gluten free claim? There are no symbols and info on the label so I'd like to know if it's certified or processed in a factory with other gluten products.
A. Our gluten-free products are gluten-free certified. However, they are produced in the same warehouse as other products containing gluten.
Answered on Feb 08, 2016
Answered on Feb 08, 2016

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