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Mediterranean Rub - 6.5oz



Mediterranean Rub
0.00Mediterranean Rub

We can’t always fly to Malta and sunbathe all weekend, pausing only to sample the local fare, but you can bring big flavor to your table. This fearless blend of herbs and spices makes dinnertime a vacation from the bland. Make your next meal Mediterranean: family style, ending in festive plate smashing.

        • Try on lamb, chicken, and pork
        • Made in the USA
        • Contains Gluten


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Slather your favorite meat with an exotic rub blend. Seasoning meats before grilling boosts them to a new dimension of flavor. Your tastebuds will thank you.

Product Features

  • Taste

    We’ve gathered the deep, powerful flavors of the Mediterranean to create a seasoning that’s delicious and memorable.

  • Pairing

    Use this spice to create your own salad dressing, or shower it on pork, lamb or chicken for a pop of flavor.

  • Application

    Rubs seep into meats to infuse flavor and tenderize while forming a delicious spiced crust.


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