Owners manuals

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  • Why won't my Grill Ignite?
  • Why are there no pellets in my firepot?
  • How Do I Remove My Auger?
  • How Do I Manually Light The Grill?
  • Why does my unit go out on smoke?
  • How Do I Protect My Paint Finish?
  • How Do I Get A New Part For My Grill?
  • My auger makes a lot of noise when I turn on my grill. What's wrong?
  • I've been noticing that my grill temperature keeps dropping lower. What is the problem?
  • I have a Traeger with a Digital Thermostat unit. What setting do you recommend I have the dial set on when I first start the grill?
  • Can I substitute homemade barbecue pellets, other brands of pellets, or heating fuel pellets for Traeger-brand barbecue pellets?