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Brisket 101: The Epitome of Low & Slow

Posted by Traeger on July 22, 2012

What is Brisket?

sliced beef brisket

As most experienced grillers and barbecuers will tell you, beef brisket is one of the most challenging cuts of meat to cook properly. In fact, we’ve heard it said that it’s a little like playing checkers: It only takes a few minutes to learn the game, but it can take a lifetime to master. Well, folks, not if you own a Traeger.

Let’s start with a little bovine physiology. Brisket is the equivalent of the pectoral muscle in humans, a well-exercised muscle (there are two per cow) that gets a work-out every time the animal lays down or pushes up. This gives brisket its fibrous texture and beefy taste. (In general, the more a muscle is used, the more flavor it will have.)

Brisket Cut of Beef A full brisket, called a “packer” can weigh up to 18 pounds and consists of two parts: the “flat” and the “deckle.” They are separated by a thick line of fat and collagen.

Whole packer briskets with the fattier “deckle” attached are better left to experienced brisket barbecuers.

The “flat” is the cut you are most likely to see at your local supermarket or butcher shop. It usually weighs between 4 and 8 pounds, and is the best cut to start with if you have never barbecued a brisket before. Look for a center-cut piece graded “Choice” or better, preferably grass-fed “Certified Angus”, with a fat cap on top of about 1/4-inch. Allow 3/4- to 1-pound of raw brisket per person. (The directions below are for a 5- to 6-pounder.) The brisket will shrink substantially as it cooks.

To say brisket is not something you barbecue on the spur of the moment is a gross understatement. It takes planning, patience, and lots and lots of time—the epitome of “low and slow” barbecue. Figure on 1.5 to 2.5 hours per pound, plus an additional hour for “resting” the meat. Always allow more time than you think you’ll need. Count backwards from the time you want to serve your brisket to determine how early your barbecuing day will start. (Of course, some people prefer to put their briskets on before they go to bed.)

Step-By-Step Brisket Preparation

Remove the brisket, again, 5- to 6-pounds, from its packaging and rinse it under cool running water. Dry it thoroughly with paper towels. If the fat cap is thicker than 1/4-inch, trim it with a sharp knife. Turn the brisket over, and carefully remove any visible silverskin (that’s the shiny tissue that sheaths muscles) by shallowly sliding your knife blade under it.

If desired, slather the brisket with a thin coating of yellow mustard to hold any dry rub and to keep the brisket moist during its long cook on the Traeger. Season the brisket generously on both sides with Traeger’s Prime Rib Rub, Beef Shake, your favorite barbecue rub, or coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper. Let the brisket come to room temperature for about one hour while you assemble the other tools you’ll need.

Tools to gather while your brisket reaches room temperature:

  • An accurate instant-read meat thermometer, preferably a remote
  • Plenty of Traeger Pellets, preferably hickory, pecan, or oak
  • A clean spray bottle
  • Heavy duty aluminum foil
  • An insulated cooler to hold the finished brisket
  • A stack of newspapers or thick terrycloth towels (don’t use the good ones, though!)
  • A gravy separator or bulb-type baster
  • A sharp serrated knife or electric knife for slicing the brisket

Make a thin mop sauce by combining 2 cups of beef broth, cola, apple juice, or flat beer with a little Worcestershire sauce. Transfer it to the plastic spray bottle.

From the kitchen to the grill.

When ready to cook, start the Traeger grill on Smoke with the lid open until the fire is established (4 to 5 minutes).

If using a remote thermometer, insert the probe in the thickest part of the brisket, preferably through the side. Arrange the brisket on the Traeger grill grate, fat-side up. (Actually, some pit masters prefer to do brisket fat-side down, the theory being that the fat layer will protect the meat from the heat. This is perhaps true for conventional gas and charcoal grills, but not necessarily for a Traeger’s evenly-dispersed, induction fan-driven heat.)

Smoke the brisket for 2 to 3 hours. Increase the temperature of your Traeger to 275 degrees F. Spray the brisket with the mop sauce. Continue to cook the brisket, spraying with the mop sauce every hour or so, until the internal temperature of the brisket reaches 160 degrees F, 4 to 5 hours. (This is where a remote thermometer really comes in handy.)

Patience is key.

Now you are entering what is called the “stall” or “plateau” phase, where the internal temperature of the brisket will rise at a much slower pace. This, not coincidentally, is where some pit masters get nervous and decide to “rush” the process by cranking up the heat. Don’t be tempted to do this, or your brisket will rebel by toughening up.

Instead, tear off two sheets of foil, give the brisket one more spritz with the mop sauce, and lay the brisket in the center of the foil. Remove the remote probe, if using. Bring the sides of the foil up to completely enclose the brisket and crimp the edges tightly. Reinsert the temperature probe. Return the foiled brisket to the Traeger and continue to cook until the internal temperature of the brisket reaches 190 degrees F.

Your work is almost done!

Line the cooler with several layers of newspaper or the terrycloth towels.brisket Remove the temperature probe from the foiled brisket. Transfer the brisket to the cooler and layer more newspaper or towels on top of it to keep it warm. Let it rest for an hour while you set the table, mingle with your guests, drink a celebratory beer, or watch the game on TV.

At the end of the hour, remove the brisket from the cooler and transfer it to a cutting board. Carefully remove the brisket from the foil, pouring any juices that have accumulated into a gravy separator or heat-proof bowl. Slice the brisket across the grain into slices about 1/4-inch thick with a serrated or electric knife. Transfer to a platter or plates, moistening with the accumulated juices in the gravy separator (or use a bulb baster to reach the juices), leaving the fat behind. Serve with your favorite barbecue sauce, if desired.

If you decide to cook your brisket ahead of time, reheat it, wrapped tightly in foil, in your Traeger set to 275 or 300 degrees F.


8/17/2011 2:27:20 PM #

Way more information than necessary. take brisket, rub with olive oil, sprinkle coarse ground pepper all over meat, rub down with butt rub, place in traeger with fat cap up and smoke for 8 hrs at 180, then 3 hrs at 225. you dont need to wrap it, inject it or any of the other crap some people suggest. let it rest for half hour after you pull it off, slice thin against the grain, and stand back and dare somebody to tell you that they have consumed better meat.

walleye United States

10/8/2011 9:40:48 AM #

Is it possible to smoke the brisket at too low of a temperature?  my traeger set on 'smoke" is only running 120-140 degrees. is this correct? everything ive read and seen on u tube shows brisket being done at 190-250 degrees.

the1gary United States

10/26/2011 2:59:07 AM #

On the contrary...being a "newbie" to the smoking game, I appreciate having "too much" information as opposed to too little.  Just purchased a Traegar Deluxe yesterday and couldn't wait to get it set up and seasoned.  Will try my hand at beef jerky this weekend, and ribs are on the agenda as the first "meal".  Brisket is definitely on the agenda, so as I said before, more info, not less, will certainly help out us noobs.

rt_hawley United Kingdom

10/26/2011 3:00:09 AM #

Damn....speaking of "newbie" mistakes!...Imagine my horror when I saw my first post on this forum flying under a Brit flag!..*gasp*.  Oh well..easily rectified..*grin*.

rt_hawley Canada

8/13/2012 4:26:55 PM #

I have had the best results by far with injecting the brisket with au jus in the preparation stage.  I also will trim all of the fat cap off my brisket. Just season the outside of the meat generously and you will be rewarded with an amazing and tasteful "BARK".

SMOKEY GRIZ United States

9/13/2012 11:30:04 AM #

Juist got my Traegar-looking to do a Turkey, Suggestions. Feeding about 10 people!

1956dbld Canada

9/23/2012 2:00:30 PM #

I followed this recipe.  I was thinking it would take me about 14 hours to smoke my brisket, but it didn't.

First day - I pulled out the brisket from the packaging and rinsed it off and then dried it with paper towels.  Instead of a light coating of yellow mustard, I used olive oil on the brisket.  Then I put a generous portion of brisket rub on the meat.  I got the rub from my local butcher shop.  I then wrapped the seasoned brisket with saran wrap and put it in the fridge over night for about 12 hours.

Second day - I took the brisket out of the fridge one hour before I started to smoke it, to let it come to room temp.  After that first hour, I turned on my smoker to the "smoke" setting and let it warm-up.  In the meantime I made a mop sauce of 2 cups beef broth, one 12 oz bottle of beer (I used Budweiser, since that is all that I had) and about 4 TBSP of Worcestershire sauce.  Mixed the mop sauce till it was well blended and then put into a spray bottle, just like it says in the above article.

Once the smoker was warmed up, put the brisket on the cooking grate with the fat side up and I left the smoker temp on "smoke"  I cooked the brisket this way for 3 hours. Each hour I would go out and spray down the brisket with the mop sauce.  After this first 3 hours of smoking, the brisket's internal temp was around 130 degrees and I turned the temp up to 250 degrees and I was expecting to cook the brisket at this temp for about 4 hours until the internal temp reached 160 degrees. However, after one hour, I went out to spray the brisket down again and checked the temp, it was already at 165 degrees.  I was surprised to see the internal temp go up by 35 degrees in an hour.  

At this point I put the brisket in a tin foil pan, poured the rest of the mob sauce in the pan and covered it with aluminum foil and put it back on the smoker for another 3 hours.  At then end of this 3 hours, the internal temp was 205.  I pulled off the brisket (still in the pan) and placed in a cooler that I lined with bath towels and covered the pan with more towels and closed the cooler.  I let the brisket stay there for an hour to rest.  After an hour I pulled the brisket from pan and sliced it thin across the grain of the meat.  It was very tender and very delicious.

This was my first time smoking a brisket and I couldn't be more happy with the outcome.  I will definitely be doing this again.  Thanks Team Traeger for posting this article on how to smoke brisket.

I started the actual cooking process at 3:00 AM and sliced the brisket at 12:30 PM.

Copy and paste this link to see a picture of this brisket:


dwshearer United States

12/23/2012 6:13:23 AM #

BTW you all should know that the actual temperature of the Traeger is off on the high side about 20 to 25 degrees.

Acex6 United States

12/25/2012 5:28:58 PM #

Huh...Mine runs only 5-8 Deg. F hotter than the temp displayed on the digital control as measured with a thermocouple probe inside the lid. Is this unusual to have this type of accuracy?

valvenut United States

12/28/2012 11:35:16 AM #

Hi All,

I received the Taeger Junior pellet grill for Christmas.  I am anxious to try it out.  I noticed that all the recipes indicate a temperature setting for grilling.  The Junior model has only a smoke, medium and high settings.  Has anyone bought the digitial thermostat kit?  If so, would you recommend it?


dbest United States

12/31/2012 12:07:29 AM #

dbest, we upgraded to the digital thermometer and couldn't be happier.  I highly recommend getting one.

lilymarie United States

1/20/2013 4:28:27 AM #

works and tastes great

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