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Put a little olive oil on it

Posted by mmillet on February 8, 2013

My mother-in-law uses olive oil like it’s water. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if you cut her open, she’d bleed green.  To understand that level of dedication, let’s think back to the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” (Bear with us on this!)  The stoic Greek dad’s solution to everything is, “Put a little Windex on it.” In that same spirit, we advise, “Put a little olive oil on it.” But in this case it will probably work! (No offense, Windex Lovers of America!) Olive oil is no longer just your grill greaser or sauté starter. Hold onto your hat because you just might be blown away with how much of a rock star olive oil is.

Let us explore some of the amazing benefits and uses of olive oil that just may burst your brain:

  • Olive oil helps to reduce blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • It helps prevent diabetes.
  • Using olive oil can help prevent constipation and maintain overall good digestive health. In a nut shell, it’s a healthy lubricant that swiftly moves stuff through your system with the grace of a gastrointestinal ninja.
  • It’s a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • And it can help prevent colon cancer.

Now for a few uses of olive oil that you probably didn’t know or likely even care about before this moment:


  • You can rub olive oil on your body to help relieve sore muscles and prevent injuries from exercise.
  • It can restore the shine in your shoes.
  • Olive oil can help with a tricky zipper.
  • It takes the squeak out of squeaky hinges.
  • It reduces and helps prevent the build-up of rust on scissors, etc.
  • La pièce de résistance is that olive oil is incredible for your skin. It’s got some A-mazing vitamins (pun intended) like A, B-1, B-2…and basically all of the other spaces in Bingo. The most important one we care about is E. In fact, Wrangler just released some jeans in Europe that are infused with olive oil. That’s right. Oily jeans. These jeans are supposed to help with dry, itchy skin for up to 6-8 washes. Hey! I’d buy a pair, provided I don’t have to sell a kidney to afford them.


So, make your skin happy and while you’re brushing some olive oil-based marinade on your steak, brush a little on your face. Your skin will be soft and supple and you’ll smell amazing! …perhaps just stay clear of any bears.

If you want to continue to be awed and amazed by such a tiny fruit, check out this website.