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Silpoura - Easy, Mess-Free Pouring & Straining

Posted by Mary M. on February 15, 2013

While making a mess in the kitchen can be quite the party, cleaning it up, on the other hand, not so fun. Now, Silpoura isn't a tiny pocket maid or futuristic robot servant but it is a product that goes a long way in helping prevent those nasty messes.

"What is Silpoura?", you ask? The packaging sums it up in five simple and appropriate words: Easy, Mess-Free Pouring and Straining. It's a small silicone attachable spout that will revolutionize how you pour everything from paint to pancake batter. True, it may appear cute and adorable but this gadget is small but mighty.

In 3 simple steps it clips onto almost any bowl, pan or bucket and makes pouring almost easier than grilling on your Traeger.

  1. Simply squeeze the top of the Silpoura and slide the plastic clip over the outside edge of your bowl, pan, etc., leaving the silicone "wings" inside.
  2. Slide the Silpoura all the way down over the "bump" so that the base of the spout touches the bowl. The bump will tip the spout forward and help the bottom edge create a moisture locking seal.
  3. Make sure that the ends of the wings are positioned just below the top edge of the bowl to prevent any leaks from the outer edges.

The many applications and the versatility of the Silpoura is really quite impressive. Here are a few to get those cogs and wheels in your head turning:

  • Strain rice, canned vegetables and fruit
  • Pour gravy and sauces
  • Pour various cake/pancake batters
  • Drain hot grease from hamburger meat
  • Pour paint (um, awesome!)
  • Sift/pour dry ingredients and spice
  • It functions as a spoon rest.
  • And it even fits on slow cookers!

But wait, there's more! Seriously, here are some bonuses as food-for-thought:

  • Silpoura can withstand cooking temperatures up to 350 degrees F.
  • It's made from food-grade silicone. So no worries about leaching any toxic chemicals.
  • Cleaning is easy because it's dishwasher safe!
  • No more worries about clogging your pipes with leftover pan grease.
  • The strainer is removable so you can choose whether to just pour or strain.
  • Silpoura's design has two hooks that help it to fit on a wide variety of pan designs.

And of course, we had to put Silpoura through some tests of our own. And I must say that it passed with flying colors! It was incredibly easy to attach, was completely leak-free and got the job done! It worked like a perfectionist's dream!



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