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How to Clean Your Traeger

Posted by mmillet on February 27, 2013

Your Traeger grill is a beautiful piece of machinery and it's important to make sure she shines like one. With all the meals you've grilled, your Traeger has earned quite the layer of charred debris. We know that no one knows how to keep her shining bright better than you, Traeger Nation. So here are some of your and our best tips for how to remove all of that built-up gunk.

1. If you're the organized/disciplined/planner-type you probably just use a brass-bristled brush to scrape the grate after each time you use it. Like the old adage says, "A stitch in time saves nine." Or in this case, "A brushing each time saves some sweat and frantic scraping...nine days later."

2. For the rest of us, you let your grate gunk build up until it looks something like this:

Right there are several days-worth of hard-earned crispy barbecue bits or the proof of the rack of 3-2-1 Baby Back Ribs that you just knocked out of the park. If this is the status of your grill, it may need a little bit more help. The easiest way to clean it is to take the temperature to High. Once the charred pieces are hot and crunchy, dip a brass-bristled brush or a clean cotton rag clasped in tongs in water. Brush this over the bars several times, redipping in the water and repeating as necessary.

Gradually take the temperature of the Traeger down and then shut it off.  The high heat combined with the water creates steam that helps loosen all of that burnt mess. This tip is an excellent chemical-free way to get that grate pretty close to lookin' new.

3. If your grill is in an even worse state, then you may need a more serious game plan. One of the members of the Traeger Nation suggested putting the grill grate and 1/2 cup of ammonia in a large garbage bag and leaving it outside overnight. In the morning, rinse with water and all those impossible pieces will rinse away.

Let us know if you discover or know of any other tricks to keep your Traeger clean and smoking like a dream!