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Smoking Cheese, And Why You Need A Cold Smoker!

Posted by Brady P. on March 7, 2013

A lot of question have been asked about Traeger's Cold Smoker. We are here to answer all of those questions and tell you why you need a Cold Smoker.

The Cold Smoker has two removable porcelain grill grates, a dome thermometer, and a warming vent that can be opened and shut to allow for a warmer or cooler smoke depending on what you're making. It fits the Lil'Tex/Elite and the Texas grills

So why cold smoke?

Cold smoking allows total smoke penetration inside of the meat. The outside surface of the meat or casing doesn't harden like it does with hot smoking, so it allows the smoke to penetrate the meat easier. It also adds another fun dimension to your Traeger.

What are some things you can cook with the Cold Smoker?

Salmon- cold smoking salmon and being able to cut it thin to put on bagels, crackers, or right in your mouth is awesome.

Oysters- If you love raw oysters, but would love a smoky flavor, the Cold Smoker would be perfect.

Fruit- If you want to add an interesting taste to a special dessert or salad, smoke some peaches, apples, or pears. Make sure to add some lemon juice to slow down the oxidation process.

Cured meats- If you love to cure meats and want to add some great smoke flavor, the Cold Smoker would be a great way to do it.

Cheese- Need I say more?

We have been experimenting with different cheeses and techniques just for Traeger Nation. So far we have smoked Chedder, Pepperjack, and Gruyere.

The 1st thing you will want to do is freeze the block of cheese overnight. This will keep it from getting to hot and melty depending on the temperature outside.

We recommend smoking cheese in the fall, winter, and early spring months for the best results. If you find that your cheese is getting to hot, you can always put it in a colinder of ice with a metal try underneath to catch the ice as it melts. You may have to replace ice a few times throughout the smoking process.  


Next turn on your Traeger to smoke leaving the lid open for 4-5 minutes. Close the lid and smoke the cheese for 4 hours. Make sure to check on the cheese every hour to make sure its holding up. Especially if you're are doing a softer cheese like the Pepperjack or Gruyere. 


Finally after 4 hours your cheese will be done. It will get a nice dark smoked crust that will make your tastebuds dance! 


Slice it up and throw it on your favorite sandwich or a smoked burger. We would love to hear about your cheese smoking experiences. Let us know what worked for you and maybe what didn't.