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The Butter Cutter Will Make Traeger Recipes Even Easier!

Posted by Mary M. on March 11, 2013

Every now and then you come across a gadget that you know you have got to try for yourself. We saw the Butter Cutter and thought, "Yeah, we've used a knife for all these years, but why not?" So just for you, Traeger Nation, we tried this puppy out.

What does it do?

We'll end the dramatic suspense for ya.

It cuts butter.

BUT it is pretty cool and makes cutting butter for individual servings or a large recipe really easy. Just load the butter in the top of the Butter Cutter and then with each squeeze of your hand, it cuts a perfect little portion of butter.

Don't worry - if the portion seems a little slim for your taste, just make it a double...or triple-clicker. And in case you're thinking, I don't care about the size of my butter slices, hold tight! It's not only for those of you concerned about your butter intake.

Here are some of its nifty features:

     1. Holds and slices butter with a squeeze of your hand

     2. Takes up less shelf space in the refrigerator

     3. Keeps your butter clean

     4. Keeps your hands clean

     5. Easily cleaned in the dishwasher or with warm water

     6. Tastefully replaces the ever-greasy butter dish

     7. Measures out butter with 5 slices per tablespoon

     8. Can cut an entire stick of butter into slices in about a minute

If you're making the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies but forgot to take your butter out of the fridge to let it soften (I do this far too often), the Butter Cutter will come to your rescue. Cutting the butter up into small slices helps to bring it to room temperature within minutes so the butter is soft enough to whip into perfectly fluffy cookies.

It would also be perfect for adding butter to your Traegered Corn on the Cob or Cast Iron Scalloped Potatoes or even the compound butter for your Smoked Beef Tenderloin.

You can find one for yourself here.



3/13/2013 7:04:16 AM #

Cool looking gadget, I gotta get one, but damn that's one ugly looking potato!!

Cha Bo United States

3/13/2013 7:08:50 AM #

Whoa! almost $20 with shipping! Cool but will wait til next year when they sell them at the dollar store.

Cha Bo United States

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