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Dry-Age Your Own Beef!

Posted by Mary M. on March 17, 2013

Dry aging steak

Dry-aged beef is the king of beef. It is incredibly tender, meaty and oh-so tasty. And if you try to buy dry-aged beef, it will cost you both arms and a leg.

What is dry-aging?

It's basically the process of allowing some of the moisture to evaporate from the beef while keeping it in a refrigerated environment.

What's so special about dry-aging?

Well, it allows moisture to evaporate from the muscle tissue, creating a greater concentration of that delicious beef flavor and taste.  It also gives times for beef's natural enzymes to break down some of the connective tissue in the muscle, resulting in an incredibly tender beef steak.

Why not dry age your own?

Exactly. Why not?

It's just about as easy doing nothing for 4 days. And you'll save yourself some serious cash. Just get a good quality steak from your friendly butcher and wrap it up with a large piece of cheesecloth.

how to dry age steak

Once it's wrapped, place it on a cooling wrap (to allow for air flow all around the meat) and put it in a pan in the back of your fridge, or the coldest part of your fridge - ideally between 35 and 38 degrees F.

Leave it there for about 4 days. (With the research we did, we found 4 days to be ideal)

You've officially dry-aged your steak.

finished dry aged steak

You'll notice that with the evaporation, the meat looks darker and feels firmer. If some of the outside parts feel too dry, simply trim them off.

Your patience will completely pay off when you take that first glorious bite.

As you all know, Traeger has so many recipes that would be made even more delicious by using a gorgeous piece of dry-aged beef. But here are a few to get your brain rolling just in case:

Beef Denver Steak
Porterhouse Steak
Thai-Syle Beef Skewers

...you get the idea. Feel free to get carried away.



3/18/2013 12:29:05 PM #

This technique is better performed on a roast which is trimmed and then cut into steaks after the aging is complete. I would also strongly encourage getting the best grade of beef you can find/afford to do this with - choice at the least, prime even better (on many levels!).

woolleyj United States

4/1/2013 7:05:42 AM #

Never Overcook Your Traeger Steak Again!

Never Overcook Your Traeger Steak Again!

Team Traeger

5/7/2013 5:12:57 PM #

Keep in mind, the longer you dry age beef, the thicker the dried out skin becomes on the outside. Which means, there is more to throw out. However, I regularly dry age beef in my fridge for an extra two weeks. Trim off the dry edges and cook to your own liking! Obviously a  medium to large size roast works best for that amount of time. I suggest cooking it without marinades, depending on the cut. Allow the natural beef flavour to take over.

cameron_olson United States

4/4/2014 3:33:47 PM #

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