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Make your own Sand Weight for your Traeger Grill Cover

Posted by mmillet on March 21, 2013

Has this ever happened to you?

Fix your grill cover

I live in an exceptionally windy area, and occasionally my Traeger cover tends to blow off. I don't want to leave my Traeger exposed to the harsh elements, so I finally I decided to do something about it.


Here's a solution that is so easy and affordable, if you live in a wind tunnel like I do.

Traeger Cover Sand Weights


4 latex balloons
3-4 cups of sand
Empty plastic bottle
Popsicle stick

Use a funnel to pour the sand into the empty plastic bottle. (I found a 50 pound bag of sand for $3 at Home Depot.) In order to make a more durable weight, each weight is made using two layers of balloons. Slide one of the balloons on the popsicle stick (or anything long and skinny - but not sharp) and then slide that balloon into another balloon.

Take the popsicle stick out and blow up the balloon until it's about the size of a grapefruit. I just used a bicycle pump, which made it 10 times easier. Just make sure to keep a tight seal around the mouth of the balloon. After you've blown it up, twist the balloon a few times.

While still keeping the twists in the balloon, put the mouth of the balloon over the plastic bottle holding the sand.

Don't let go of the twist until you turn the bottle upside down and start shaking in the sand. Shake in about half of the sand or as much as the balloon will hold.

Take the balloon off the bottle and tie one end of the twine around the neck of the balloon. Cut a big enough piece of twine to loop it through the grommet in the cover. Loop it through and tie the other end around the balloon again and you're done!

Sand bag weights for your grill

Repeat the same steps with the other two balloons and remaining sand. Tie the second weight through the grommet on the opposite side.

Your evasive cover nightmares are over. She may not be the belle of the ball, but she gets the job done.