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Spring Cleaning and Maintaining your Traeger.

Posted by sbulloch on March 22, 2013

If you saw our recent post about How to Clean your Traeger then you are probably a master at keeping that signature Traeger Porcelain Grate sparkling clean! This post is going to take you under the grate and give you a few more tips and how-to's so you can keep your Traeger functioning at the highest possible level.

We are typically very obsessive about keeping our Traeger clean, so it required patience (and maybe a little anti-anxiety medication) to let our grill get this dirty. Hopefully our sacrifice was worth it, and our picture tips help you get your grill back to it's original beauty.

1- Invest in a Traeger Cover. If your grill is stored outside during wet weather, water can get into the Pellet Hopper. When pellets get wet, they will expand a bunch and can clog your auger. On top of that, you can't cook with wet wood. If you don't have a cover, take extra care to keep your pellet hopper covered and away from any water.

Traeger Grill

2- Clean your Grease Drain Pan.  You are probably used to changing the aluminum foil on your grease pan often, but to get the most out of your machine you need to clean underneath the foil. We use a metal spatula to scrape the extra grease and debris from the grease pan and the grease drain tube.

Grease is easiest to clean when it is a little bit warm. Be careful not to burn yourself by grabbing a HOT grease pan. If your grease drain tube gets plugged or blocked a grease fire can result, so clean these areas periodically to prevent build-up.

3- Empty your Grease Bucket. This job is not pretty, but it is pretty easy. Empty your grease into something you can discard, we used a plastic cup.

Don't pour grease down your sink drain or into the gutter. Make sure to let the grease cool before discarding it. Rinse your bucket with hot, soapy water to remove any remaining grease. To make future clean up easier, line your grease bucket with aluminum foil. 

4- Wipe Down your Grill Exterior. To keep that powder coating looking like new, use warm soapy water to cut through any grease. Don't use oven cleaners, abrasive cleaners, or scouring pads on the oustide of your grill.

5- Remove extra ash from the Firepot. Periodically remove the Porcelain Grill, Grease Drain Pan, and Heat Baffle to clean the ash in and around the Firepot.

We use our Traeger every day and clean out the excess ash once a week, just to give you an idea of what periodically means. We use a standard shop vac to suck up all of the extra ash. Make sure all of your grill components are cold before vacuuming up the extra ash.  

These tips should keep your Traeger running beautifully for many many years to come!