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10 Traegered Sandwich Ideas - The Perfect Quick Meal Solution

Posted by mmillet on March 22, 2013

Traeger's BLT

We've all had those nights when you don't have the time or just don't feel like putting on a big production to bring dinner to fruition.

Enter the sandwich.

Sandwiches are the perfect solutions to the lack of energy and the boredom of the food in your pantry. Between two slices of bread you can combine ordinary ingredients together and with a little help from your Traeger, make them extraordinary!

Here are 10 easy sandwiches that you can throw together in a pinch or using leftovers:

1. Sausage & Peppers

Heat up some italian sausages on your Traeger. Cook sliced red, yellow or green peppers and sliced onions on a pan in your Traeger (drizzled with olive oil) until they are soft. Put the sausage on a crusty piece of french bread or italian focaccia bread and pile on the peppers and onions.

Smoky Meatball Sub

2. Smoky Meatball Sub

This recipe does require a little prep to make the meatballs, but luckily they're quick to put together and cook in about 30 minutes. After that, it's a mere matter of assembling the meatballs on a soft hoagie roll with some marinara sauce to bring it all together.

3. B.A.L.T.

Think BLT but even better. Grill some bacon on your Traeger and then smear a bit of mayo with a squeeze of lemon juice on your bread. Top the bread with bacon, avocado slices, lettuce and tomato.

4. Grilled Cheese with Pears

Don't be skeptical quite yet. Cheese and fruit love each other. They really do. Butter both sides of two pieces of bread and layer the insides with sharp cheddar cheese and thinly sliced pear (or apple). Grill the sandwiches on the Traeger until the cheese is melted and the bread is golden-delicious. (5-10 minutes per side at 350 degrees F)

Italian Beef Sandwich

5. Italian Beef Sandwich

If you don't have the time to make the roast beef yourself, just heat up some sliced roast beef and layer it with grilled (or fried) peppers and onions and italian pickled vegetables on a hoagie roll. (A little dip in au jus would make this sandwich even better!)

6. Smoked Salmon & Dill on Everything Bagel

Pull out that leftover smoked salmon. Layer it on top of an everything bagel or slice of pumpernickel bread smeared with a generous helping of cream cheese. Add some freshly chopped dill and a very thin slice of lemon, rind removed.

7. PB, B & B

That's right. We're talking about Elvis' iconic Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon Sandwich. Take your classic white bread, spread on some peanut butter, sliced bananas and Traegered bacon. Resist the urge to curl your lip when you eat it.

8.  Black Forest Ham & Caramelized Onions Grilled Cheese

Caramelize thin slices of onion with a dab of butter in a pan over medium-low heat. Butter both sides of two pieces of rye bread. Layer with mozzarella or provolone cheese, caramelized onions and black forest ham (or even ham leftover from Easter). Grill on the Traeger for 5-10 minutes per side (at 350 degrees) until the bread is golden and cheese is melted.

Smoked chicken, Bacon and Ranch Quesadilla

9. Smoked Chicken, Bacon & Ranch Quesadilla

Technically this isn't a sandwich. But it's so tasty and incredibly easy to throw together that it was definitely worth mentioning. This is a recipe from our Traeger ebook, From Pulled Pork to Peach Pie. Combine monterey jack cheese, shredded chicken, crumbled bacon and a squeeze of bottled ranch in between two tortillas. Grill on your Traeger for about 5 minutes per side (or until golden brown and oozing cheese) at 400 degrees F.

10. Thanksgiving Sandwich

This is one of my favorite sandwiches. Why only enjoy Thanksgiving once a year? Grab some of that smoked turkey and reunite it with some cranberry sauce, cream cheese and bacon (if you're feeling really rich) on slices of whole wheat bread. I suggest throwing on a spoonful of stuffing as well, if you have some.


For many more simple and delicious sandwich ideas, check out this site.

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