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Traeger Accessory Guide: The Folding Front Shelf

Posted by Susie B. on April 5, 2013

Have you ever wished for an extra hand (or two) when trying to handle your brisket/ribs/chicken and your thermometer/sauce/rub on your Traeger?? And do you also wish that hand was big, and metal, and sturdy?? You might have even wished that hand would be retractable so you wouldn't be walking around with an extra hand all of the time (awkward).

We are here to grant your wishes!! Except we don't make extra hands. We do make awesome products that can make it feel like you have one, though.

Introducing the new Folding Front Shelf: A versatile extension for your favorite Traeger. It is sturdy enough to hold whatever you put on it, and folds away neatly enough to fit under your cover. It's on sale now Friday, April 5th through Sunday, April 7th. 

For the Junior

Junior front folding shelf

For The Lil' Tex/Elite


Lil' Tex Elite front folding shelf

For the Texas

Texas Front Folding Shelf

Maybe we should mention that installation is a breeze?? Check out this quick picture guide to see just how simple it can be to add the folding front shelf to your Traeger.

Unscrew the bottom two nuts/bolts on one front leg.

Align the holes on your brace with the holes on your front legs and reattach the nuts/bolts. Repeat on the opposite side.

Unscrew the bottom bolt on the top of each brace.

Slide the top two bolts of each brace into the open notch on both sides of your folding shelf. Screw in the bottom bolts to secure your shelf.

Voila! You are done in less than five mintues! Enjoy!


4/5/2013 6:57:24 PM #

Do you make one for the older model with the aluminum roll top lid?

derfman United States

6/22/2013 3:40:08 AM #

Will the Traeger cover still work if the table is added? Also, it looks like it folds down and away when not in use correct? Tanks

swbster United States

4/1/2014 12:53:57 PM #

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