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Stretch Your Budget with Your Traeger

Posted by mmillet on April 8, 2013

Saving money with your Traeger

For some us, April is a month filled with dread. It's tax time. Whether you're getting a little bit back or giving more to Uncle Sam, your mind is on your money.

Let us help relieve some of that weight off your mind with some reminders of a few ways to use your Traeger to stretch that monthly budget. These are just a few ideas taken from our Traeger On a Budget cookbook.

Stretch your budget with your Traeger

1. Schedule a Traeger barbecue session on the weekend and cook more than you'll need for one meal, utilizing leftovers for lunches and/or an easy weeknight meal. For example, pulled pork or shredded beef can turn into sandwiches or become a filling for enchiladas. Use one weekend's effort for a week's worth of enjoyment!

2. Unlike gas or charcoal grills, which require about 30 percent of the grill grate free in case of flare-ups, you can cram the Traeger's grill grate with food. This means you'll get more mileage out of your fuel. With some planning, you can cook your entire meal (and several future meals/leftovers) at one time.

3. Maximize the efficiency of your Traeger by treating it right with routine cleanings and vacuuming out any ash that accumulates in the bottom of the grill or in the fire pot.

4. Don't mishandle the pellets! Moisture will degrade hardwood pellets, so always store them indoors in a dry place in a covered bin, like our handy pellet caddy, or pail.

5. Shop early in the day to take advantage of markdowns on fresh meat at your supermarket's butcher counter. Try to only go shopping once or twice a week. Each trip means more dollars spent.

6. Eat seasonally and buy local for the best prices and quality on fruits, vegetables, and even some seafood.

7. Buy the whole bird. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are convenient but often cost a lot more per pound than buying a whole chicken. Learn how to cut up a chicken and take advantage of the entire fowl. We've got some helpful tips for what to do with all that tender chicken meat, like making chicken stock using the carcass.

8. Invest in a chest freezer! This will enable you to take really take advantage of the specials on bulk purchases of meat, poultry, and vegetables. There's even space for those leftovers too.

9. Save some money on heating and cooling costs by doing most of your cooking outdoors on your Traeger during the summer time. Your family will appreciate the cooler house, too!

10. Keep doing what you're doing and follow our blog and follow us on Facebook. We'll notify you of awesome deals and discounts on pellets, grills, rubs, sauces and all the wonderful accessories. We'll take good care you!