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Traeger Accessories: Solar Panel and Battery Power Pack

Posted by mmillet on August 18, 2013

A tool that can marry all of your favorite outdoor activities (camping, boating, fishing, you name it) with some Traeger eats is heaven-sent. So of course we had to show you an ingenious rechargeable battery strong enough to power your Traeger paired with a portable solar panel pack that will give you the freedom to Traeger almost anywhere your feet can take you.

We'll do a couple posts for you on the different options of how to use the Traeger battery so you know how to take full advantage of it from tailgating to camping to smoking a few fishes on the side of riverbed.

Traeger Accessories: Solar Panel and Battery Power Pack

Traeger's portable solar panels are lightweight, and fold up small enough to fit in a backpack and when paired with Traeger's battery can give your Traeger power for 8 hours before needing a recharge. And the battery and solar panel system is easy to assemble.


Cover the solar panels, or flip them over so they are facing the ground. Plug the DC cable connector (the cable with the red and white end) into the DC input port located at the back of the battery unit. IMPORTANT: Note the polarity of the connector before connecting it. Make sure the white side on the cable connector is matched up with the white receiver side on the battery and the same with the red.

Traeger Accessories: Solar Panel and Battery Power Pack


Connect the other end of the DC cable connector to the solar panel. (Make sure you're using a solar panel designed for a 12V battery system.)


Uncover or flip over the solar panels and open them fully so they get full exposure to the sun.

Traeger Accessories: Solar Panel and Battery Power Pack

You'll know that you've connected everything correctly when you see the "Solar Charge" light on the battery display (see below) flashing green.

Traeger Accessories: Solar Panel and Battery Power Pack


The last step is simple enough - let it charge. The beautiful thing about the Traeger portable battery and Traeger's solar panel pack is that the solar charging is fully automatic. After you connect it all together, it will initiate the charge cycle as soon as solar power is available. You literally just need to sit back and let it charge until the "Solar Charge" light goes from flashing green to solid green.

We suggest connecting it in the morning two days before you want to use it to allow it to charge all day for two days to make sure it is completely charged. (It's best to charge the internal battery to a 100% state of charge before using it. No one wants their Traeger to kaput an hour before the food is done!)

After the battery is fully charged, you're ready pack it up and start Traeger'ing in the wide outdoors!