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How to Smoke Tofu

Posted by mmillet on April 8, 2014

How to Smoke Tofu

Tofu is not everyone's cup of tea. But like it or not, the love of tofu is growing and spreading beyond its original Asian roots.

Perhaps you're looking for a yummy meat alternative, or you're having a big barbecue and need a few meatless options, or maybe you want to try something new or even just love tofu. To keep you like a boy scout and "always prepared" we're going to fix you up with some key tips to help you have the tastiest tofu on the block.

Here's what you need to know about tofu. It's low in fat, high in protein and made out of soy milk. Basically it's the perfect diet food and so much more. Tofu has a subtle flavor, making it quite versatile and easily used in both savory and sweet dishes. Once you smoke and grill it to give it some texture, it really is quite scrumptious.


1. Use extra-firm tofu. This will ensure that your tofu stands up to the high heat and turning that it will endure on the grill.

2. Press your tofu. Tofu has a high water content. Press it between two cutting boards, weighted down with heavy cans or some other weights for an hour or two. Tip the liquid into the sink occasionally. This means that you can replace all of that relatively flavorless liquid with a tasty marinade.

How to Smoke Tofu

3. Marinate your tofu. Tofu needs some love. We aren't going to lie - tofu doesn't have a lot of flavor by itself. Whisk up a salty-sweet marinade like we did here and let it marinade for at least 30 minutes before grilling. You can use anything from a store-bought marinade tp your favorite barbecue sauce or salad dressing or even a homemade marinade. (A high sugar content in your marinade has will help the tofu get a crispy, crunchy exterior.)

4. Get skewered. To make sure that the flavor of the marinade permeates to the core of the tofu, cut it into cubes before marinating. Then make your grilling easier by skewering the cubes for easy turning on the Traeger.

5. Grill it right. After a 30 minute smoke on the Traeger, brush your tofu with olive oil or canola oil to prevent it from sticking and cook it on a high heat. This will create a little bite on the exterior and give it some much-needed texture. Grill it for about 5-7 minutes per side and brush it with any extra marinade.

How to Smoke Tofu

Lastly, sit back, take a bite and be pleasantly surprised or at least watch for the smile on your vegetarian/vegan guests' faces.